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5 signs it is time for a new car battery

No matter how tough and well-built  your car is, the unholy alliance made up of the tooth of time and external elements will surely start having a negative effect on it sooner or later.

Take your windshield, for example.

Even if you drive on eggshells all the time and take extra precaution measures not to go underneath low-hanging branches and through clouds of insects, one day a truck may go by and propel a particularly shaped chunk of gravel directly into your windshield.

Now, while there’s not much you can do to prevent these sorts of disasters, there are many car ‘ailments’ that can, indeed, be taken care of simply by looking for signs of wear and tear – and doing so in time!

In this article, we’ll talk about the symptoms of a dying or ‘severely ill’ car battery. Replacing a faulty car battery can save you a lot of effort, as you won’t have to call in an AA service to give you a lift once the expiring battery dies on you out of the blue.

So here are the signs it is time for a new car battery.

1) Slow Engine Start

One of the crucial jobs of a car battery is starting up your engine.

If this usually quick process takes forever or at least a suspiciously long amount of time, you may have a battery problem on your hands. The thing is, the electrical charge needed to create that initial spark for the fuel in the engine to start burning is created in the battery. If the battery’s on its last legs, so to speak, accumulating enough power to get that set off that spark may take longer than usual.

2) Electrical Issues and Weak, Dim Lights

As you may have already assumed, the car battery is in charge of powering up everything that’s electric and runs on electricity in your car.

Whether we’re talking about your windscreen wipers, the turn signals, or the radio, it is the battery underneath the hood that will provide the necessary electricity. Thus logically, if one or more of these functions start acting up, or failing altogether – you know who’s to blame!

Of course, if your radio’s having issues catching that signal, it may be a radio problem rather than an electric one. Or, if your headlights are not as strong as they used to be – you should always check if the problem is not with the headlights rather than with the battery.

3) Red Flag Alerts are Going Bananas

Every newer car (and even some of the older models) possesses some sort of letting you know something’s wrong with it. Various gauges we can see on our dashboard and control panel tell us if our engine is overheated if the headlights are on or off, and whether or not our battery’s alive and well.

The most likely alert light to pop off in case of a battery emergency, however, would probably be the ‘check engine‘ one. This is both good and somewhat annoying because this alert can mean just about anything. What is important is that it signifies a battery problem, as well.

So, if this alert is going off and you see some other signs of a potential battery problem, you might want to check if everything’s alright with a mechanic.

4) There’s a Bad Smell Coming from Underneath the Hood

A car battery’s made up of many parts, not all of which are purely mechanical, to put it that way.

Namely, sulfuric acid is an integral part of car batteries, as it facilitates the process of creating a high surge current needed to start the car up.

Now, the sulfuric acid is a perfectly workable liquid, which, as we said, makes things happen. What can create a problem, however, would be the case where this acid leaks from the car battery. As you probably already know, sulfur smells like rotten eggs, so if you start smelling this unflattering stench coming from underneath the hood – it’s high time for a battery change!

In case you’re unsure about how to approach this task, simply check the local car battery replacement price and let the professionals do it for you.

5) Swollen Battery Case

Although car batteries are quite durable, prolonged exposure to extreme conditions, as well as severe heat or cold, will surely compromise its performance and lifespan.

One of the biggest signs that something’s wrong with your battery (due to tough weather) would be the swollen-up shape of your car battery. This can mean that the liquids and chemical elements inside have been distorted, which can not only impair the performance of your car but also be quite dangerous!

All things considered, changing your battery regularly and checking on its health every now and again would be the best way to prevent disasters on the road. So, check your car battery often and be safe out there!


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