Affordable Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Taking care of a car doesn’t just mean going easy on the roads.  Car maintenance is something you should be practising all year round!  However, it can get more than a little expensive if you’re not careful.

If you are already paying towards a car loan, it makes sense to save a little bit of money by taking efficient, cost-effective care of your vehicle.  But what are some affordable tips and tricks you can put to use right away?  How can you cut the cost of pricey repairs and refits later on in your car’s life?  Let’s take a look.


Change Your Oil Regularly

Not changing your oil is going to cost you dearly in the long run!  This means making sure you have enough in your tank, and that it is still of good quality.  You will know if you have enough oil if it rises up to the fill line, which you’ll see on your dipstick.  The darker your oil, too, the more likely it is going to need changing.  Stay ahead of the game and save yourself some cash!

Read Your Manual

This is a crucial tip all car owners should be paying attention to.  Reading your car’s service manual means you’ll get to know exactly what to look for if things start going wrong.  You can even use your manual to budget ahead for potential maintenance and care.  The best way to prepare for, and to plan for car maintenance, is to get to know your vehicle well.


Check Your Wiper Blades

You may find that you need to replace your windscreen wipers after a few months of use, maybe up to a year.  Save yourself some money at the service centre by checking them yourself.  For a handful of money, you can easily refit new blades to see you through months of further use, no matter the weather.


Keep an Eye on Your Tyres

Tyre wear can lead to severe problems later down the line.  You should be ready to check the balance, pressure and rigidity of your tyres every few drives.  Simply by rotating them, you could save yourself serious money on maintenance and emergency repair further down the road.  Do consult your manual for more details.


Be Open with Your Service Team

The most significant way to save money on car maintenance is to find a trustworthy service centre.  Your car is always going to need servicing from year to year.  However, some centres aren’t so upfront or transparent on what they charge, when, or why.

Therefore, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.  Ask for clarity on their tariffs.  Request a clear breakdown of what they charge for various part services.  If they refuse, it may be time to look elsewhere.


Don’t Panic!

Running a car doesn’t have to break the bank.  However, if you’re not smart about some of the potential problems you might face, you could end up paying more in the long run.

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