Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Indeed, the lack of knowledge about repairs of the car can lead us to visit a mechanic for more than a month.

The work carried out by experts in mechanics and the repairs that need to be done in a specialized workshop, are necessary when it comes to really serious and specific problems. However, as a good driver who takes care and acquires responsibility for his car, there are some simple repairs that we should know how to solve to avoid deception and that the portfolio suffers more from the account.

Here are some of the simple and most common repairs you can repair in your home parking lot.

The Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know:

1. Parts To Be Repaired:

The parts are categorized as follows:

New: These parts are fabricated according to the unique manufacturer’s conditions. Your state law may state that repair shops should inform you if they do not use original parts to repair your car.

Remanufactured, rebuilt and reconditioned: Generally, these terms mean the same thing: they are parts that have been restored and are in good working order. Many manufacturers offer a warranty that covers replacement parts but does not cover the cost of labour to install them.

Used or second-hand: These are used parts of other vehicles that have not been altered. In some cases, used or second-hand parts may be the only recourse to replace a damaged part, but its reliability is rarely guaranteed. Simple repairs that don’t need a mechanic.

2. Tire Pressure and Windshield Wiper Change:

Just as changing tires and wiper blades can be the simplest repairs, so is checking tire pressure. You only need a pressure gauge and know what level the tires should be. With this element, you will avoid giving extra tips, and you will ensure the excellent condition of the tires. Changing tires is also another skill that every good driver must master.

3. Battery Replacement:

If you notice that your car does not start or that it is hard for you to maintain a proper gear, then one of the possible failures could be generating in the battery.

To change the battery, you can check your free workshop manuals and read the instructions of the car in which it is indicated how to place it correctly. This change does not require the help of any mechanic.

4. Oil Change:

The oil change can be one of the repairs that take longer. However, if you are looking to save some money and make sure your car receives a new product, then there is nothing better than doing it yourself.

First of all, heat the car for a couple of minutes and then let it cool slightly. This will cause the oil to acquire a correct and mild liquid state.

Raise the car with the hydraulic jack or wedges and without forgetting the handbrake. Put on vinyl gloves and locate the drain plug and then place a container and start emptying the old oil. Close the cap and place the new oil in the engine filters.

5. Air Filter:

Changing the air filters can be extremely simple and much cheaper than taking the car to the auto shop. Read your instructions to find out what type of filter you require. Once you have the new filter, locate the filter box in the engine compartment and replace it.

6. Headlight Change:

Headlight changes or blown fuses are an easy task for those who want to save a little.

If you are going to change the headlights, open the hood and disconnect the cable that passes power to the bulbs and locate the locks that hold the headlights. Once you loosen them, remove the headlight evenly to install the new part. In the end, reconnect the cable.

7. Repair A Spark Plug:

Sometimes you have trouble starting the car, and this may be the fault of a car battery terminal. The best thing about it is that one of these car repairs can be done at home, just by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and cleaning the head with sandpaper to make this work properly.

8. Car Upholstery:

One of the car repairs that few do at home is the upholstery since they think that cleaning it is enough. However, sometimes the damage is irreparable and needs to be changed. You only need time and patience to carry out this process in the car.

9. Repair A Rear-view Mirror:

Many times due to external problems, you lose or damage a rear-view mirror, and repairing it with a mechanic can be a bit expensive. However, this is one of the car repairs you can do at home. You only need to buy a new mirror and follow the installation guide.

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