Car Painting Tips and Tricks

Daron Gaon

Painting your own car is not as easy as you are thinking. If you don’t know the right process of painting, you may end up with wasting the paint and ugly car. However, doing the painting by yourself can save a lot of money as auto servicing center charges a lot of money for car painting. For painting your own car, you need to do some preparation. Having proper painting sense and knowing the right way of painting, you can easily paint your car. Here in this article, I will discuss car painting tips and tricks.

Few things you must know before applying car painting

Painting car is quite a lengthy work. It may take few days to complete if you are doing it for the first time. You need to collect the basic things for painting car. The car paint should be done in an indoor and shaded area. Painting should be done in an area where direct sunlight can’t reach. However, depending on the weather condition you can take the decision where to apply the car painting. On the break or interval of the painting progress, you need to use vehicle covers so that nothing can damage the color.

Things you will need to have to paint your car are-wet and dry sandpaper, masking tape, air compressor, a buffer, paint thinner, safety mask and gloves, paint, undercoat, etc. Depending on the size of the car you will need to choose the quantity of the painting and the primer. As you are not professionals and expert to put paint on the car, you should take the extra quantity of everything at the first attempt.

You can keep the same color of your car or you can change the color also. If you want to paint your car with exactly the same color, you can give the color code to the auto detailing shop and they will provide you the exact color of your car.

How to be prepared for painting your car

The preparation process is the most significant process of painting your car. The first step of putting paint on your car is to clean your working area. Whether you will be painting inside or outside an area of your home, you need to make sure that there is no dust particles and dirt around that place.

You can paint only the external area of your car or else can include the indoor area like the engine, inner doorsills, etc. also of your car. If you only want to get the outer shine and polish, you need to paint the exterior part of your car. However, painting the indoor area of your car will take a lot of time as you have to look for the small details while painting the internal and the external parts of the car.

While start work on painting, you need to wear necessary safety gears for your car. Wearing masks, gloves, eye wear is strongly recommended before start painting your car.

How to apply paint on your car

The first thing you have to do is covering the areas which you don’t want to paint. You can cover the areas with newspaper, plastic sheet, and so on. Then you have to mix up the painting components properly. Before start painting directly on your car, you can practice painting on the other thing. There are certain rules and techniques to apply the painting on your car. You have to follow these methods and rules properly to get a beautiful color and smooth finish on your car. At first, you should start with small coat and gradually you can increase the frequency of applying the painting on your car.

So, these are some important tips to paint your car by yourself.  

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