Top 5 Car Service Checklist to Prepare Your Car for Drive

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When planning a trip on weekends the first thing that comes to mind is the essentials that you would require during the trip such as sleeping bags, camp stove, lighting, tent, personal safety kit, and much more. However, before focusing on the details of this trip, there is one more important thing that you should never overlook and i.e. the present condition of your car.

Be it a brand new or old car, knowing that the vehicle ready for the trip brings a sense of security. It ensures that you will never be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, for this, you can consider professional car service provider near you.

The service would primarily examine the various components of the car and fix those areas that require lubrication, minor repairs, or just a professional hand. Some of these parts are:

#1 Engine

The engine is the core of your car. Therefore, check the engine oil levels before the due date, prior to beginning 29-hour trip. If the oil change period is close to as suggested by the manufacturer, then change it at once. In addition, for the long distances, you can consider synthetic oils that are able to sustain hot weather and offer optimal protection to avoid thermal breakdowns. Therefore, the first task on the checklist is to examine or change the engine oil as per the car condition. See carcareninja for more details.

#2 Differential & Transmission Fluids

The drive axle and transmission require proper lubrication, to know more about this you can go through the owner’s manual. Make a note of periodic change intervals, as they are able to sustain longer when compared to engine oil. Most of the professional car service provider has it in their logbook service so that your vehicle remains in its best condition.

Hence, next point on the checklist is to examine the differential and transmission of the fluids and replace or change them if required.

#3 Engine Coolant

The engine coolant usually found in cars are designed to work until 100,000 miles. When your car is less than three years old, then you can examine the coolant reservoir to check whether it is at its stipulated level or not. If coolant appears rusty and feels like pond water then the time has come to change it.

Remember, if the coolant is not working the way it should, then, this can easily heat up the engine leading to a breakdown in no time. To avoid such circumstances, make sure that you add engine coolant examination to the checklist.

#4 Brake System

The brake system contains fluid, (hygroscopic oil) which absorbs moisture and ensure the brakes operate properly. As the oil ages, it changes its color into a thick woody color that tends to rust the vital components of the system. Therefore, the next point of the checklist for car service is to verify the condition of brake fluids and ensure it has not reached the complete mark on the system.

Because at the end of the day, oil brake fluids will not only have a drastic impact on the costly parts of the brake but also at the same time, it has a lower boiling point. This leads to squeaky brake pedal that might turn your trip into a disaster.

#5 Tyre Pressure

The last and most important aspect of the car service is to ensure that the pressure levels of the tyre are appropriate, as mentioned by the manufacturer. You can check the pressure using a gauge to know whether the car is ready for the trip or not. As low pressure can make the tyre hot due to access in friction and even waste fuel.

Therefore, the above-mentioned checklist may help you in car service before going for a drive.

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