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Exploring The Gamification Of Online Slots

It’s becoming more common for companies, products, as well as start-ups to be highlighted for their initiatives in gamification. Given that perhaps the global games market is now worth more than $175 billion, it’s easy to see why more and more working practices are beginning to draw on the entertainment tool.

Even with all these examples available today, many people are still perplexed by the concept of gamification.

Some might even be perplexed by the idea of gamifying a product that is already regarded to be a game, as is happening with some slot games. The fundamentals are simple and clear, but the application is not always so.

So, in this article, we’ll look at what gamification is, why it doesn’t already implement too many slots in casinos in the UK, how slots are becoming more gamified as a result and why Gamification Of Online Slots is important.

What is Gamification?

The incorporation of gaming mechanics as well as elements into a product and service that is not traditionally classified as a form of gaming is known as gamification.

Earning expertise points, levelling up, trying to defeat bosses, character selection and customization, plotline, superior graphics and visual effects, and even mini-games can all be incorporated.

Using gamification techniques can make products more interacting and enjoyable, irrespective of subject matter and progression provides a sense of mastery and sense of achievement. Normally,

Gamification is easier to achieve with a digital product than with a physical product, but even teaching materials can be managed to make people more interested and engaged by gamifying the procedure.

Gamification also has been successfully implemented to fitness, with the Wii being the first to do so; the Ring Fit Adventure followed mostly on Nintendo Switch, and now apps like Zombies, Run! turn outdoor running into a gaming adventure.

How Are Slots Not Considered Gamified?

Slot machines- the medium variance slot, also recognised as one-armed bandits, have been here since the late 1800s, populating bars, arcade games, and casinos in their hundreds in some places.

Their appeal stems for online casino gamers is from the fact that they are easy to play, bright and vibrant coloured most of the time, and offer the chance to transform a comparatively small spin price into much more money.

Slots are, without a doubt, games, but not in the modern period, with games as well as the term “gamification” referring mainly to digital or video games.

When you take a glance at a slot machine in its most basic form, or even a vintage style online video slot and Gamified Slots, it’s straightforward to see how the 2 forms of entertainment vary.

Modern video games are interactive, often require a certain level of skill to complete, and incorporate graphics as part of the process.

Standard online slot games mostly have flat image slabs, require users to click one button and then sit tight, and rely on a random number generator to determine the outcome rather than any user input. In this regard, the majority of slots are not gamified.

Why Gamification Of Slots is important

Perhaps the most crucial component for being chosen as A Winning Slot Game and the best online casino is to keep the player involved. In the particular instance of slots, the engagement is minimal because all that is required is to spin the wheel.

After a few spins, it becomes tedious and repetitive. This is where the connection between slot machines and the need for gamification comes into play.

  • In this classic space-themed slot, you spin the wheel to determine your fate. You can either win or lose. or even strike gold and decide to try again.
  • Game Two is a story-driven game. You meet a pirate as well as win diamonds by spinning the wheel. Only diamonds can assist him in purchasing all of the pieces of a map to his treasure box.

According to our casino expert Alexandra Vasilkova, after weighing the pros and cons of both ideas, the second game captivates players and encourages them to spend more money to spin the wheel.

The players are eager to know what will happen next, and the incorporation of gamification transforms it into a saga that captures the attention of many players. The first match may be a classic, but it becomes tedious and people do not want to continue betting on such slots.


Gamification of games is advantageous to online casino owners because it has the potential to increase their profits. It also provides a better gaming experience for gamers.

Many changes allow you to advance to new levels in the game. In-Game Two, for example, every time you find a piece of the map, it transports you to a new location.





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