What Is It Like to Live on a Boat?

It sounds like the ultimate adventure to live on a boat. You can imagine sailing the seven seas like the notorious Blackbeard aka Edward Teach, the feared English pirate who sailed the West Indies. But, before you check out the boat sales in Grand Lake, OK,know first the pros and cons of living on a boat.

Advantage :Laidback lifestyle

There’s something so soothing about staying in a boat when it’s docked. The constant rocking of the waves feels like someone’s lulling you to sleep. Also, there’s enough sunlight for your daily dose of vitamin D, which also makes people happy.

So, living on a boat can definitely minimize the stress in your body and mind. On top of that, you get to do away with material things that can just weigh you down. You can’t put too much stuff in your boat. You should stock only what’s necessary and get rid of things that are trivial.

Advantage :Lower living expenses

When you’re living on a boat, your living expenses will definitely go down. Most residential moorings average $500 a month and that includes laundry, shower, electricity, internet, and parking. Now, compare that to living in an apartment in a city where the average cost a month is $1,100. Wouldn’t you agree that having a life on the water is cheaper?

Advantage : Healthy environment

Living on a boat will require you to be more active when it comes to upkeep. You need to clean your boat and make sure that it’s in pristine condition because if it isn’t, the result could be a sinking ship. If you’re in a house, the motivation to clean up and ensure that everything is in good condition isn’t so high because a crack in the ceiling doesn’t mean the whole house will come crashing down right away.

On top of this, you can always get your exercise by simply jumping off your boat and swimming a few laps. Not only will you get to exercise through swimmingbut your skin will also be better off without chlorine.

Finally, you can always find food in the water, which is much healthier than the ones you’ll get in the supermarket. Saltwater and freshwater fish are good for you anda steady diet of seafood will help you avoid heart disease.

Disadvantage 1:Not enough space

One problem with living on a boat is that you’ll never have enough space to put stuff in. Sure, for the first few months, you’ll get used to having only the necessities. But eventually, you’ll crave for other stuff that you used to want like a large TV or a bigger closet.

You’ll also want to do something else than sail your boat or swim in the ocean, especially when it’s wintertime. Unless you have a storage space somewhere in the city, it would be hard to stuff your other equipment in your boat.

Disadvantage 2:Regular maintenance

Managing a boat is no joke. You need to check every inch of your vessel to see if there are cracks. You also need to check for rust, mold, and mildew, which can develop really quickly if you don’t regularly monitor your boat.

Disadvantage 3: Wildlife and natural disasters

It’s going to be tough living on a boat when a storm comes. Even if you’re docked, there’s no guarantee that your ship won’t sink when the waves come crashing in. The coast guard will even order you to evacuate your boat if the storm is too strong.

In addition, bugs and rodents will probably make a home in your boat. Pests such as roaches, mosquitoes, rats, and even raccoons try to get into boats for food. So, you need to check every corner of your boat for any pesky stowaways.

There you have it: the advantages and disadvantages to living on a boat. If you think that the pros outweigh the cons, then go ahead, set sail, and have an adventure of a lifetime.

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