What to do if you meet a car accident?

Steps to be taken in case you meet a car accident in Ireland:

All the good drivers in Ireland drive with utmost care. Still, there are instances when even good drivers meet a car accident either due to minor negligence or incorrect anticipation about people, cars or any other thing on the road. Sometimes rash driving, drunk driving or careless driving by irresponsible drivers take a toll on good drivers. The reason could be any but if a driver meets an accident it could be with another motor vehicle, object or a user of the road. Injury, financial loss and mental stress are inevitable after a minor or major car accident. A sudden accident leaves the drivers perplexed about what to do in such a situation. In such a case there is a need for quick action by the driver who met the accident with a calm and composed mental status. Here are some of the legal obligations and other few things you should do if you meet a car accident in Ireland:

  • Do not run away and stay at the accident scene irrespective of how severe or minor the accident is. Do this even if you cannot spot any witnesses because if you try to run, it will become a criminal offense. You may get caught anytime in the future, so do not ever think that you can escape. Things get worse if you escape so it is better to face it.
  • Immediately inform GARDA about the accident. You can call Gardaí on 999 or 112.
  • Share your name, contact details, car owner’s name, and address, car registration number, and car insurance Ireland detail with GARDA. In absence of GARDA, these details can be shared with the injured person or a person whose property is damaged or a person present at the time of the accident or a person who is asking for the information on behalf of either of them. Also, collect similar information about the other party involved in the accident.
  • Immediately inform ambulance services if somebody gets injured due to the accident.
  • Place reflective advance-warning triangles or use your hazard lights to inform about the accident to the other drivers on the road so that they can make their way accordingly and manage the speed of their vehicle.
  • You can move the cars if cars are blocking the road, but make sure to mark the spot of the accident on the road before moving them. Taking photos in your camera/mobile phone before moving the vehicle will be beneficial. Moving a car in case of a major accident is not recommended.
  • Do not make any unguarded statements at the accident scene to avoid any problems that could arise later if a legal suit is filed.
  • Note down a few details like date and time of collision, contact details, car details, and car insurance information of the other party involved in the accident, the order of occurrence of events in the accident, weather conditions, whether the other driver is drunk or on drugs, injury or no injury details of all the members who met the accident, contact information of witness (if any), details of the extent of damage caused to each car, etc. Noting down every bit of information about the accident scene can prove very useful in case of legal suits and formalities.
  • Also, inform your car insurance provider about the car accident. You will have to share details of your car insurance in Ireland with your car insurance provider like policy number, your name, address, your car registration number, etc. You may also have to share similar details of the other driver(s) involved in the accident with your car insurance Informing the car insurance Ireland company is essential even if you will not claim for repairs and maintenance.

Taking every step wisely can sail you safely through the unfortunate accident that occurred.


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