10 Amazing Movie & TV Car Replicas That Actually Drive

Meta: Are you a movie buff who loves stories on a car TV, Hollywood movie sets, and car stunts? Well, this one’s for you. From cop car movies to lifelike replicas, we’ll cover the fantastic cars that grace the Hollywood hall of fame. Buckle up! Or don’t, the fun is here.

The most beautiful cars and car tv sets of Hollywood have been made legendary by their posters and exhibitions. They are memorable for their outlandish designs and the movies they helped propel to success. As if driving down the red carpet themselves, they have been idolized for their incredible stunts and futuristic features. It’s simply amazing how they have preserved their charm through every generation.

Like the Hollywood sets that save on movie budgets, these cars are custom-built to fit the tone of the movie, and the stunts practiced. Below are examples of such famous cars and their movie replicas.

1. Christine

Christine is a bizarre name for a car or even car tv. Well, Stephen King, the famous author of the creepy and vile IT, thought that it was the right name for an evil car. The car itself was a 1958 Plymouth Fury whose unique features in the movie were self-repairing and pure evil. In its year of release, it was a sports car, trimmed from the Belvedere model. The car`s interior was custom-designed, and the body painted red, unlike the real models. 23 such vehicles were bought with the film’s budget, but the sound effects were from a Ford.

2. Robocop

The year of release for The Taurus LX model was 1985 and saw Ford rise from its bankrupt ashes. Out of luck, Verhoeven movie director preferred the Ford Taurus as an adept car tv featurette as part man and part machine. It was an incredible choice as the car fitted a 140 horsepower engine, the v6 kind that held 3.0 liters and a 291Nm of torque. To display such immense power on TV depending on its actual power on the ground. The tv Cyborg Cop of Detroit did come to life.

3. The Creeper Truck

If we were to forget the weird relationship Christine the car tv sensation had with the owner, Jeepers Creepers would come to mind. Choosing not to pimp it into a hot rod, the tv producers slightly modified the 1941 Chevy Coe Truck to what it classically became on film. They kept what its beautiful 216 Cubic Inch engine that produced a powerful 45 horsepower was. Nowadays, many of the fans who have stuck to their roots, make incredibly lifelike car replicas of the creepy machine which always reminds you of this awesome tv masterpiece.

4. The Mutt Cutts Mobile

There’s nothing sweet like a company car. However, Harry and Lloyd from Mutts and Cutts would sooner prove you wrong. Their version of a company car was a Ford Econoline van with custom bodywork and an exterior fur padding. The entire motif eventually resembled a giant sheepdog with its red tongue sticking down the front bumper. Apart from the cute puppy exterior, the car`s engine was a classic four-cylinder V6 powering the dumb and dumber tv show. Of course, many fans have worshipped it for its unique car tv cinematic exterior and the memories it gives them.

5. Bullit

Bullit was a 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback that made you feel as chilled out like Steve McQueen himself. And also the name of the tv movie of course. The car glorified the Ford Mustang model during the car tv chase scene made classic by Steve McQueen himself. Two similar Mustangs filmed this movie scene, and one was crushed after the project was over. The other car is in a silo in the Oho River Valley. Both had a 390 cubic inch V8 and 325-horsepower engine. They are exceptional machines that would give you a rush similar to slot machines free games.

6. Ford Falcon Interceptor

The Ford formed a secure connection with Hollywood productions each year, and this is yet another example. Mad Max, a car tv movie about an apocalyptic future with hardly any rules to govern the scoundrel riders and their machines. A 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT351 with small adjustments on the body and a pretend supercharger formed from a bucket and a ball bearing. It all seemed so real and drove fans insane just wishing to have their falcon interceptor. With a 5.7L V8 engine and a 550 horsepower output, you could add a functional supercharger and fulfill your Mad Max dream.

7. Police Interceptor

Bumblebee the transformer was also a yellow car that had a V8 engine. With a similar engine, the police interceptor car from Mad Max was a 1979 Ford Falcon XB Sedan that rode through the highway with a 351 cubic inch V8 to its name. The car had a unique design with tires taken from a boat trailer and formed an excellent plan for a cop car movie. Max partnered up with his buddy Goose and excited the chase scenes doing 180 miles per hour; which has led to fans globally trying to recreate these machines.

8. The A-Team Van

When the show was on the airwaves, between 1983 and 1987, a new pop culture idol came to life. Its name was the 1983 GMC Vandura, colored black and red and most probably the coolest van on TV at that time. Today the price for the van replica is about 4000$ and 14000$ dollars. Recently, in 2010 during the reboot of the tv show “A-Team,” replacing the van cost them absolutely nothing since they couldn’t find a GMC dealership in Canada. What they opted for instead was a 1994 Chevy G20 car model.

9. Mini Cooper

Exceeding the powerful new Lamborghini Miura is not a little accomplishment and specifically for a small British vehicle dealership. But the Mini managed that very historical feat in the original Italian Job car movie. More than that, Fiat suggested that the film’s producers would be safer dropping the Mini and replacing them with their cars. It also promised to grant the studio with a limitless number of supercharged Fiat cars and some financial aid to boost their budget. In spite of all that, the filmmakers decided to stick with their British tv winning formula, and they made history.

10. The Defender

George Barris, the designer of the A-Team van, took some time off to make the Defender, a Chrysler Viper of its kind. It became synonymous with a classic car restoration tv show that aired during the ’90s on CBS. During the show’s running, it was a red 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster. Primarily as a part of a particular police unit, its features were hardcore as it could transform into a grey urban assault vehicle with gadgets to spare. As an advertising gimmick, Chrysler made a success for five years with the show ending in 1999.


We mentioned Bumblebee, and you may be wondering why the Delorean or the Batmobile is not on this list. Well, if we were suggesting the coolest cars in Hollywood history, they would have made a list. Do you know of any other tv inspired vehicles that are practical in reality and have been replicated to excellent outcomes? Please share with us by commenting below.


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