10 connectivity trends that will outline the future of the automotive industry

Impossible is becoming possible now. The automotive industry is at its peak towards radical transformation with the assistance of software developers, innovative automakers, and technology companies. Companies such as carexpertgroup.com are refining and redefining technology. Billions are invested by these companies to introduce safe to ride, self-driving vehicles on the road. News concerning a wave of the collaboration of automobile industries with each other is on the top in the automotive industry.

1. The collaboration of well-renounced automotive companies

Previously two well-known automakers: Honda and General Motors, are currently functioning together on autonomous vehicle development (AV). Moreover, these companies were already assisting each other in introducing EVs; advanced batteries for electric vehicles. Ford and Volkswagen have agreed to share their future costs equally, which are spent on attempts to make AVs and EVs. Carexpertgroup.com is also a huge example of those sharing efforts and costs to introduce new technology in the market.

2. Increased standards of designs and innovation

Past years in the automotive industry are a witness to the increasing success and improvement in this industry. There is a visible improvement in standards of computer-aided designs and platform sharing in the automotive industry. To brief, road vehicles are the opposite of what has introduced 25 years ago.

Unlike past years- Keyless installments, rear-view cameras along a GPS navigation system have become a primary need of car buyers today.

3. Improvement in Quality by adding new features

Enough hard work is done by companies in making cars safer and improvingly convenient to drive. They are doing so by adding features like GPS navigation to cars. Working under the hoods of cars or behind the dashboards or sensors installed in car panels have worked like magic for them. These automotive trends are working on making a huge difference.

4. Initiatives are taken by administrations due to automotive companies

National Highway Traffic safety administration is encouraged by these automotive technologies. The inevitability of autonomous vehicles which does not require a human operator and the appearance of safety –electric technologies have compelled them to undertake the Road to Zero initiative. Road fatalities are expected to come to an end within the next 30 years with the continuation of the introduction of technologies like this.

5. Buying and sharing in a digital way

The most interesting fact is that People can now check-out the driving experience of the car they want to buy just from home. The development of digital marketplaces and the introduction of mobile apps are playing a crucial part in assisting the buyers in checking details of the vehicle they intend to buy; without even talking to the dealer.

6. Availability of Wifi in car

The topmost trends in the automotive industry suggest that cars should also now provide the service of data and Wifi connectivity to its customers. The customers would be able to get an advantage by services such as Alexa, easy access to music, friends, and social media, and efficient mobile apps. It would be ensured by the car companies that the data of the driver remains safe. They would also have the option of finding various destinations with the help of this technology.

7. Introduction of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are no more found surprising in the automotive industry. Instead of using gas or petrol, vehicles are now operating on electric motors, which may contain a battery, electric generators, solar panels, or electricity operating cells. The users are only needed to charge the batteries once, and they are easy to go on a safe and hassle-free journey

8. Health tracking and monitoring of vehicles

Interestingly, customers can now also avail of the opportunity of checking the health of their vehicle through a vehicle health tracking system. Through this system, all the functions, including Car performance, battery status, engine data of the vehicle, along with its Diagnostic code, can be easily monitored by the customer. To add more, using some external sources, information like tires, life, health, and performance of the engine and its fuel data can also be gained through the tracking apps and systems.

9. Introduction of connected and self-driving vehicles in the market

Cars operating on sensors and radars and LIDAR (light detection and ranging) along with cameras to aware self-driving cars about their surrounding are also adding to a new dimension in the automotive industry. Yes, it is true that it can now be operated without a driver. Also, these cars are considered to be safer than manual cars.

10. Insurance based on automotive technology

Through this, insurance companies ensure to protect you against financial loss in case of any sudden accident, theft, or inconvenience. It would be the company’s duty that, according to its insurance policy that it will pay for your losses in exchange for you paying them a premium.

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