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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lottery Winners’ Cars

Every time a lucky person wins a multimillion lottery, you are left wondering what somebody could do with such a vast amount of money. Surely, anybody with such riches would spend it on their lifelong dream – whether a home, a holiday vacation, or a high-end car.

When you win a lottery you virtually have countless options when it comes to buying a car. To discover previous lottery winners’ cars, read on.

Paul Long (£9.34 million)

In March last year, Paul Long won the £9.34 million jackpot from The National Lottery. With such money, you would expect him to go for an exotic supercar – the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari or Audi. He could even go for a Range Rover, Rolls-Royce, or Mercedes. But, to the surprise of many, the Essex resident went for a modest Ford EcoSport, reportedly worth £17,000. Long committed the majority of his winnings to his children’s future, while also sparing a sizeable amount for charity.

Paul Wood (£1 million)

Paul Wood won the coveted £1 million prize in Euromillions lottery back in 2013. Being an employee at the Aston Martin plant in the UK, he did not have to look far and wide when choosing what car to buy. He decided to show loyalty to his employer by purchasing the Aston Martin convertible.

Dennis and Shirley Banfield (£18 million)

This couple made history in February last year, becoming the oldest people to ever win The National Lottery in Britain. Dennis, 87, and his wife, 83, won a whopping £18 million. Although it is unknown which model the two eventually settled for, they made it clear that they wouldn’t swap their 3-door Nissan Micra for a Maserati or a Ferrari.

Tom Naylor (£15.5 million)

Of all the winners in this list, nobody epitomizes the phrase ‘living large’ better than Tom Naylor. When he bagged £15.5 million prize money from a lottery, he swore to have seven rides – each for a specific day of the week. True to his word, he purchased a Rolls-Royce Phantom, an Aston Martin DB9, a Land Rover Discovery, a Hummer, and three Jaguars – an XJH, XK and XJ220.

Gavin Davies (£1 million)

Not all lottery winning stories end well. After splashing his winnings on a luxurious Lamborghini Spyder LP660-4 and many other posh vehicles, Gavin Davies was arrested for attempting to strangle his lover with a seatbelt following a disagreement.

Garina Fearon ($54 million)

It is hard to imagine that anyone would keep their job after winning $54 million, especially if you work in a high-security prison. Well, that is exactly what Garina Fearon did. She also got herself a brand BMW 5 series.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford (£148 million)

Adrian and Gillian Bayford were a couple when they won a £148 million jackpot. A fan of Audi, Gillian bought three Q7s for a total of £180,000 and two Q7s for £80,000 as gifts to family. Later, she divorced Adrian and married the car dealer who sold all the five cars.

Simon Fagan (€3.6 million)

Simon Fagan chose modesty after winning €3.6 million in the Irish Lotto. Instead of going for a high-end sports car, he purchased a second-hand Kia. The car, remarkably, had a mileage of 150,000 miles. Apparently, Simon doesn’t like being labelled as a showoff.

Petra L (€15 million)

Similar to Simon’s case, Petra did not go for an expensive car. Rather, she invested a small chunk of her €15 million prize money on a Fiat Panda, which cost her only €10,000.

Peter Congdon (£13.5 million)

After winning £13.5 million, Peter decided to be generous to his family. However, he also satisfied his longing for luxurious automobiles by acquiring a BMW i8, a limited special edition Land Rover Defender, and a Range Rover SUV.

Lisa and John Robinson ($528.8 million)

After bagging over half a billion dollars in winnings from the Powerball jackpot, Lisa and John Robinson purchased the 2017 GMC Yukon Denali and a Gold Tesla Model S, among other things.


It is evident that lottery winners have diverse ambitions regarding their choice of cars. While most go for high-end automobiles, some choose to go for modesty.

That said, you can dare to dream, but to win big, you must play the lottery!

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