4 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Your Totaled Car

Saying goodbye to your car, whether it’s a new or an old one, will be difficult for any car owner. Seeing your totalled car after the significant crash can be maddening, especially when you have spent so much time and exertion into building and modifying it.

The aftermath of the accident can easily be devastating when you add your professional and personal life stress to it. You’ll likely feel overwhelmed. Since you’ll have less time to make a noteworthy and robust decision, these following suggestions will aid you in performing that smoothly.

Four Brilliant Ways To Stay Clear Of Your Totaled Car

1. Accepting The Insurance Claim

Car insurance companies essentially will be paying to get the damaged car from you. The car insurance company will quote the actual value of the car in cash and will, therefore, hand over a cheque for the same amount. 

Even though the final decision will be on the insurance company’s side, you can always negotiate for a higher amount. Before settling, you should first know the method by which the insurance company is able to identify the value of the car. Generally, insurance companies find five vehicles that are the same make and model as your one and then remove the least expensive and the most expensive one. After that, an average of the rest three are taken, and the value is determined. 

Sometimes, the process can be different depending upon the company you’re dealing with. Therefore, it’s always the better choice to ask your insurer about how they arrived at the price point. Always insist that they should consider the exact same model with similar modifications. You can also prove the value of the car to the insurance company yourself as well.

2. Handing Over For Salvage

If you’re not sure about your insurer or the price you’re getting for your damaged car, then it’s always a good idea to buy the vehicle from the insurance company and take a chance yourself.

You will get instant cash for your salvaged car with help from Nissan Wreckers Brisbane services. Ensure that the salvage company you’re dealing with is licensed and will also tow your car for free as well. You also have to research and learn the value of your vehicle before handing over to the salvaging company, as some of them do not pay top dollars. 

3. Selling The Car Parts Individually

Generally, when an insurance company buys a totalled car or vehicle from you, they’ll sell its materials and parts separately or all together. Even if you’re not a car fanatic and know a thing or two about cars, you can easily do the same thing yourself. 

You’ll need a little bit of skill to remove and price the parts of the car separately individually. In this way, you’ll receive more money by selling these parts online or offline. Eventually, you’ll stop feeling bad about your loss. This option can also work if you deal with multiple cars and want to use the part of one car into another. 

4. Giving Away 

There is always the option to donate your car if you want, in case you want to get a tax deduction on the overall depreciated value of the vehicle. These donation services will themselves tow the car, sell the car parts and materials and then allow you to choose the charity which will receive the money from your totalled vehicle. 

Before you proceed to make a donation, you have to fill out a form which will state that you’re gifting the vehicle to the charity combined with a title transfer as well. The methods will vary from state to state and country to country. In any case, the worth of your car is more than a certain threshold, and an independent appraisal will put forward. The donation process will bring you less return than what you would have achieved if you had sold the car, part by part. 

Nevertheless, if you simply wanted to dispose of your totalled car and eventually move on, there’s not a better way than making an excellent charitable donation. As a result, you’ll make yourself feel proud.

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