5 Best Expedition Vehicles for Family Adventures

Whether your definition of adventure involves hiking impossible trails or touring the Grand Canyon, there is one thing you cannot do without.

You need an expedition vehicle that can handle all your gear and get around unforgiving terrain without a hitch. And if your dream includes luxurious off the grid living, then you need the full package.

Here are some of the most epic expedition vehicles of all time to breathe life to your fantasy. There could be no better way to venture off the beaten path than with one of these vehicles. And in case you happen to be in search of the ultimate gifts for mechanics, you cannot go wrong with one of these. Take a look.

Ecoroamer ×4 Expedition Vehicle 

For all the ecofriendly adventurers in the house, this is a dream come true. The EcoRoamer has what it takes to take a trip around the globe without creating a massive carbon footprint.

With solar panels for all power needs, a biodiesel engine and a composting toilet, it is perfect for green adventurers. It comes complete with a master bedroom and two single beds for the kids! Find it Here.

Ducato 4×4 Expedition Camper Van 

Available in at least 10,000 varying configurations, the Ducato is one of the most customizable expedition vans. Thanks to its modular dimensions, it offers a level of versatility that is difficult to beat.

It is a nine-speed vehicle with plenty of maneuverability. The rear section is square, meaning you get to use every inch of space. And it does not hurt one bit that the driving position is high, hence visibility is remarkable. Find it Here.

Orangework Expedition Vehicle 

Conquer every trail imaginable with this eye-catching, full-featured camper van. Specifically designed with rough roads and rugged terrains in mind, the gigantic vehicle is a powerhouse.

The interior is just as stunning as the outside with nickel-plated brass detailing on walnut furnishings. When night falls, a seat nook converts into a bed right beside a table whose height is adjustable.

It also has a bathroom with a mirrored wall cabinet, a two-burner gas cooker and a kitchen with a spacious worktop and flush sink. Find it Here.

4 Earthroamer Xv-Lts 

Family RVing has never been quite as much fun as on the EarthRoamer. With this self-contained super camper, you can enjoy luxury living at its best away from home. It has sufficient room to sleep up to four adults and seat six people.

Among its noteworthy features is a dinette booth that converts into a bed, a pantry and galley kitchen. An array of solar panels on the rooftop harnesses a whopping 1,320 watts for your powering needs. The only question here will be where should we go next? Find it Here.

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles 

If you are looking for an all-in-one home away from home, the Bliss Mobil is your best bet. Unlike other campers, this one comes in form of a detachable box that you can attach to your truck.

On the inside, you will find plenty of storage racks for supplies, bikes and spare tires. There is a couch with seating for up to six people, a fully-fitted kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The paneling is all bamboo wood and you get an option for floor heating if that rocks your boat.

Find it Here.

No matter what kind of adventure you have in mind and what your preferences are, these expedition vehicles offer something for everyone. Take your off the grid living adventure to the next level on one of these

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