5 Things to Remember When Buying the Best Elog System

Elogs are being commonly used for sharing information in a chronological fashion. They usually are in the form of stamped messages (with date and time). Files, images and archives can be added to it.

It is very useful and that could be the reason it is being used by thousands of vehicle owners and drives. It seemingly has the potential to save around $1 billion each year on time lost on paper works.

It also could save quite a bit on paper usage and contribute towards making the world a cleaner and greener place. It also could save around 25 deaths annually and hundreds of road accident-related injuries. However, when you are planning to buy the best Elog system here are a few points which you must bear in mind.

1. Does Is Come With FMCSA Certification?

All quality ELSs has mandated compliance requirements which they must comply with. You must, therefore, make it a point that you go in for an ELS which is on the approved list of FMCSA. Not all ELSs will be able to guarantee compliance and therefore this point should always be borne in mind.

2. Does It Have The Right Features?

Apart from making vehicles and fleets complaint as per law, they also come with many other features. So, when buying them here are a few things which you must bear in mind. Availability of vehicle diagnostics. Log auditing facility. Tracking of idle-time. Scorecards of drivers. GPS tracking notifications and real time alerts

3. Can It Be Integrated With Other Software?

You would do better to look for ELS solutions which are compatible with other software. This could give some extra benefits to customers. It could give customers information about dispatch details and also details pertaining to fuel purchases.

4. Will It Be Suitable for the Customer’s Business

There is no doubt that most ELSs will add value to customers. However, as the business grows, the ELD solutions should also graduate and make it suitable for the specified needs of a growing business. Hence, you must look for ELS which are futuristic in nature. Without this being in place, it will become obsolete and may have to be replaced with an advanced version sooner than later.

5. What Is The Kind Of User Interface It Has?

There is no doubt that user experience is of paramount importance. This is because the trucking industry is not very comfortable using technology and it is evolving. The user interface, therefore, must be simple and easy to use as far as the customers are concerned.

Final Word

Therefore there are many important points which must be addressed before buying these ELS solutions.

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