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7 Essential Driving Skills For Every Commercial Truck Driver

John Peterson

Being a commercial truck driver involves much more than many realize. It is a stressful job that demands your full attention and focus while on the road, every second. Therefore, there is a mandatory skill set, along with extensive training involved before any driver can get behind the wheel.  Once qualified, drivers can look forward to operating classy machinery like, for example, the Kenworth C500.  Let’s revisit some of the skill set that is required to be successful in this industry.

  • Knowing the basics

Being familiar with the vehicle inside and out is a must for a driver.  This doesn’t mean the driver has to be a mechanic, but mandatory checklists must be followed and monitored.  Tasks that are vital include being able to change tires and to top-up all necessary fluids.   Only when a driver is comfortable with the basics, then managing the weather and other road conditions becomes much easier. This also helps pave the way for a more confident and enjoyable journey.

  • More than just driving

More is involved than merely driving the truck. There are many additional responsibilities. For instance, if you are driving a Kenworth C500, you should be aware of its capacities and specifications. You also have a social responsibility and reputation if truck driving is going to be your career. When carrying a load in the trailer, answering any customer inquires would be appropriate. Developing good customer service skills will go a long way and can lead to success.

  • Driving record

An impeccable driving record is what freight companies look for.   This is how they determine if you are a safe and reliable job candidate. The customers are also counting on a safe & dependable fleet to carry their precious goods.  So it is essential to keep a clean driving record.  Make sure to carry all the necessary licenses, proof of insurance and vehicle registration documents so that they are available at all times.

  • Physical and mental health

Being a tractor trailer driver can also involve loading & unloading the truck load. So physical strength and stamina are essential.  Moreover, long hauls can require driving for extended periods of time. In such cases, good physical health is necessary.  Likewise, being mentally alert and focused is not optional. On the road split second decisions must be made & there is very little margin for error.  Being well rested is vital, because driver fatigue can be deadly.

  • Time management skills

When driving a  Kenworth C500 you do not need to worry about its performance. But the roads can often be busy and congested. So you need to plan ahead. Using GPS navigation will help you to find the most efficient routes, thus avoiding unnecessary gridlocks. By effectively managing your time, you’ll develop a good reputation by being dependable.

  • Stress management

A driver is often burdened with many things. Excessive stress is usually due to long hauls. Using the right vehicles that offer the most comfort is a sensible solution. That’s where Kenworth comes in.  hey offer some of the most comfortable trucks in the industry.

  • Keep yourself motivated

Drivers should enjoy their work. This not only helps with achieving career goals but also helps in keeping someone emotionally healthy. A driver can often spend more than half the day on the road. This can turn out to be boring and unfulfilling after a while. So make it enjoyable, listen to music, and appreciate the landscapes.  It’s also a good idea to take care of the vehicle’s condition, because it brings some peace of mind and helps to prevent any potential headaches down the road.

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