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The Advantages Of Riding A Motorcycle

For many people, owning a motorcycle is a serious lifestyle decision. It’s not just a means a transport, it’s a way of life, and choosing a bike over a car or other vehicle can bring a lot of advantages, as well as some added risks.

Statistics show that motorcycle ownership is on the rise in the US, with more young people, in particular, choosing to get their motorcycle license and opt for riding around on two wheels rather than choosing a four-wheeled alternative.

It’s fair to say that bikes can be much more dangerous than cars, offering far less protection to the rider and raising the risks of accidents, which is why it’s so important to drive sensibly and wear a safety helmet.

However, even though we have to acknowledge the downsides of choosing a bike from a safety perspective, it’s clear to see that there are also various advantages of riding a motorcycle, and it could prove to be a great choice for you.

Cheaper to Run

If you want to keep costs down in regard to your personal travel and transportation, you might want to choose a motorcycle over a car. Reports from leading experts show that bikes tend to use less fuel than cars, saving a lot of cash for their owners. Obviously, the actual amounts will depend on how much driving you do, but in general car owners can spend significantly more on fuel than bike riders.

Cheaper to Insure

The savings of owning a bike don’t just come to the gas station. You can save big on your auto insurance too when trying to insure a motorcycle over a larger four-wheeled vehicle. Again, the specifics of this will vary from case to case, depending on the make and model, but if we take a general overview, bikes will usually be much cheaper to insure, with lower annual/monthly premiums to pay.

Easier to Maintain

Motorcycle maintenance is often a lot easier than car maintenance too. Since bikes are smaller, with fewer parts, fewer tires, and fewer things to worry about overall, there’s less for you to have to do to keep your bike in good working order. This will save you time, and once again, potentially save you a lot of money too in terms of buying supplies and visiting the repair shop.

Simple to Park

One great advantage of motorcycles is their size. Since they’re so small when compared to other vehicles, they’re way more maneuverable, and you really see the advantages of this when it comes to parking. When you try to park a car, you often have to roam around the lot looking for a big enough space. When trying to park a bike, however, the process is a whole lot easier.


Following on from the previous point, another big advantage offered by a motorcycle’s size is its flexibility. Motorcycles can be moved around in lines of traffic, helping you weave your way forwards, rather than simply having to stop and get stuck waiting for hours on end. This can help you get to your destination more quickly and conveniently and give you additional options when traffic jams happen.

Easy to Pull Over

Yet another brilliant benefit of motorcycles is how easy they are to pull over. Let’s say you’re on the road and your phone starts ringing. If you were in a car, you’d need to drive a while to find a safe spot big enough to stop at the side of the road. In a bike, you can pretty much pull over anywhere, as long as it’s legally allowed to do so, without having to worry too much.

Thrilling and Fun

If you talk to most motorcycle enthusiasts about the reasons they opted for a motorcycle over a car, many of them will say that it’s all about the thrill and fun of riding a bike. For most riders, motorcycles are simply able to offer unique, exciting experiences that just don’t come with a car. Bike riders love the thrill of racing along the highway, feeling the wind on their bodies and the open road around them.


Motorcycles clearly offer a lot of advantages. They come with their own risks too, as stated earlier on, which is why all motorcycle enthusiasts should drive safely and sensibly, following the rules of the road and paying close attention to their surroundings at all times, but, as we can see, they have plenty of positive points to take into account.


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