Affordable luxury cars 2018

Luxury cars are the best way to represent the automotive world. Their cabins are serine, their amenities are vast and they make everyday commute and long road trips fun. While not everyone can afford 6-figure cars, there are still a lot of luxury cars on the market that provide the full experience at a quarter of the cost.

Here is the list of the most affordable luxury cars of 2018:

  • BMW 2 Series

A coupe option that offers solid performance with a very powerful fuel economy. LED headlights, keyless entry, dual zone automatic climate control, keyless ignition, sunroof and forward collision & navigation, this car is absolutely ripped to shreds, especially for the price. Base price is $35,945.

  • 2018 Infiniti Q50

The Infinity Q50 is a complete beast that has impressive acceleration-packing engine under the hood; this luxury sport sedan is a treat for those who love the drive and handling; while there aren’t a lot of amenities on this car, the driving enthusiast will love the car. If you want speed and good handling, you can buy ford focus, which costs around half the price.

Bluetooth, dual-zone climate control, forward collision mitigation, keyless entry and ignition, etc. are basic features and the price starts at $35,195.

  • Audi A4 2018

While not the heaviest performer in the group, it still packs a pretty punch under the hood. It has a nice amount of acceleration powered by the 2.0L engine, and can reach 0 – 100 in 5.7 seconds. There are also a bunch of amenities including the newest virtual cockpit (digital 12.3 inch display in the driver gauge), navigation, keyless entry & ignition and a lot more.Get Audi A4 2018 and enjoy luxury at a neat price. Pricing starts at $32,000.

  • 2018 Acura TLX

An assortment of driver-assistance features, this car is a great bang for the buck. Not only does the base model come with forward collision mitigation, but has cruise control, lane-departure warning, road departure mitigation and more. The optional equipment is navigation, heating steering wheel, and leather interior. Pricing starts at $33,965.

  • CLA-class Mercedes Benz

Starting at a price of $33,695, the CLA-class Mercedes bens is an impressive peace of medal with robus content, tons of amenities and good performance. You’re getting precise handling and top-level performance as well as features such as rain-sensing windshield wipers, dual-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth, forward collision mitigation, driver-sleep monitoring, heating front seats, LED headlines, blind-spot monitoring, cruise control and navigation among other things.

  • Acura ILX

With a base model price of just $29,065, this luxury car is made for shoppers that want practicality in terms of price and features. ILX comes with tons of features, including Led headlights, heating front seats, climate control, keyless entry and ignition and optional features such as satellite radio, cruise control, navigation and more.

At the end of the day, these cars are created for anyone looking to enjoy their driving experience without breaking the bank too hard.

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