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Bell MX-9: Bringing a New Style to Motocross

Bell is considered to be a pioneer in the motorcycle industry since the time in 1966 when it came with the first full-face motorcycle helmet. In this category of being first, MX-9 Adventure is Bell’s first foray in the making of dual sports helmets but there’s nothing astonishing in that as this is something which users expect from Bell, being the company with an impressive experience in building the best quality off-road and street helmets.

Wearing helmets and goggles while riding on streets are certainly very common, but riding on long sections of fast trails is completely different from this. Thus the off-road helmets are not at all an option to be considered in place of adventure/ sports helmets. This is where Bell MX-9 is excelling for the riders looking for the helmets for a much more of an adventurous ride, like dirt racing. 2019 Bell Helmets, which is MIPS equipped helmet is the perfect go for the professional racers to go best with speed and to give the best comfort to their neck too.

What Is Meant by MIPS?

For those who are not aware of MIPS, it stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System which basically associates with the factor of providing a low-friction membrane between the liner of the helmet and the helmet foam which is responsible for allowing a properly controlled rotation. This membrane is known as helpful for dispersing some amount of heat and energy which might get direction to the head of the rider, creating dizziness and discomfort. For explaining it broadly, MIPS include a slip-pane system in between the impact and comfort layers of the helmet which helps in minimizing the rotational impact on the brain. It can be considered as a life-saver for the racers. This is actually a great feature which is adopted by Bell, looking forward to more comfort of the riders during dirt bike racing.

The Impressive Features Of MX-9:

  • What’s the most influential feature of this helmet is its liner which is soft and comfortable and has the ability to wick the moisture. To be more effective, it is also preferred as it can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Next comes up the impressive range of vision which it provides after wearing the helmet. Bell MX-9 is known for its clear and tinted visor. To make it more catchy, it has been equipped with NutraFog II anti-fog, UV protection and anti-scratch. The visor in these helmets seals well and doesn’t even end up forming fog easily.
  • Coming to the ventilation during riding, even in this domain, Bell MX Helmets excels. If a rider is actually looking for a helmet that keep him cool, Bell has the best to offer them. The helmets have the feature of Velocity Flow Ventilation system which is known for its efficiency for providing the riders with maximum cooling.
  • Considering the fit of the helmet, it is also the most appropriate one because of the lightweight carbon composite shell construction with the added comfort of removable magnetic cheek pads.

Even in this competitive motorcycle industry, the experience still matters which is making Bell, the leader of this domain. Bell 2019 MX Helmets are arguably the best a ride needs with its quality features. Lightweight injected polymer composite shell, perfect ventilation, comfortable liner and moisture wicking, what’s more a dirt bike racer would be seeking in a perfect helmet that goes best with the adventure of racing.


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