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The best was to stay safe in the car| UKCF

Over 1.3 million deaths across the world are a result of road traffic accidents every year. Drivers want to feel safer while in their cars and also while driving. UK Car Finance have compiled a list of the different ways you can stay say while in your car. Whether it is the safety kit that you have in the car with you, how you drive or the in-car safety features that are available today in new cars.

Dash cams

Dash cams have become increasingly popular over the years, some of their main benefits include fraud prevention, reduced insurance costs, security, improving driving and recording evidence of any accidents. A dash cam improves the overall safety of your vehicle as it records every detail in both audio and visual recording. If you are involved in an accident, a dash cam can record exactly what happened and prove if the driver was at fault or if they are liable to claim for damage to their vehicle. You should also naturally become a safer driver as you know your driving decisions will be recorded.

Park assists

One of the most automated pieces of tech to date for your car is park assist. It keeps you and others around you safe by combining a number of cameras and sensors to judge the size of a parking space and let the driver know whether the car can fit into that space. On newer models of Ford, Volkswagen and SEAT, the vehicle will steer itself into the space with the driver controlling the speed. This piece of technology can help you prevent any damage to your vehicle when parking and can also warn you of pedestrians and keep them safe too!

Theft Trackers

A GPS tracker for your car is a great way to prevent your car from getting stolen and never being seen again. You can see the exact location of your car, usually from an app on your smartphone. It can also lower your insurance premium because of its added protection for you and your vehicle.

Lane departure warnings/assist

Found in many new cars these days, lane departure warnings are a great way to keep you safe while driving. It is particular useful on long journeys or driving on the same roads every day when their attention may slip. If you start to drift out of your lane while driving, the lane departure system is activated and warns the driver with a beep, vibration or relevant alert to notify the driver to get back in their lane. Ahead of lane departure warning is lane departure assist, which goes beyond an alert and actually makes minor automated steering or braking adjustments to get you back in the correct lane.

Safe driving apps

Driving apps are becoming more and more popular with insurance companies but also to let you know how safely you are driving. They track things such as speed, acceleration, braking and cornering so you can generally be a better driver. They can also help you save fuel too! Driving apps are also available for parents who want to keep their child safe when they’re driving. These include restrictions such as a perimeter in which your young driver is allowed to travel, their speed and even what time they need to be home!

Car safety kit

A safety kit in your car is one of the main things a driver should have. If you travel long distances, you are more likely to need to use your emergency safety kit! Your emergency kit should be tailored to the age and condition of your vehicle, your driving pattern and the weather. You can either buy a safety kit or make one up yourself. Your kit should include some of the following: first aid kit, blanket, water, torch with batteries, phone charger, small tool kit, ice scrapper, pen and paper and triangle reflectors.

Adaptive headlights

There are a number of ways that adaptive headlights can assist you and others around you. During the winter months and driving through the night, your headlights are your biggest asset. Headlights that are adaptive do exactly what they say, the adapt to their surroundings. They have an auto off setting to prevent you from ‘blinding’ other drivers, they automatically raise up when you increase your speed to increase visibility and also turn left and right in conjunction with the steering wheel so you have a full and clear view of the road.

Pet safety restraints

It’s vital that drivers and passengers wear a seatbelt while driving but the law also recommends that you invest in using a restraint to keep your pet safety. Driving with an unrestraint pet could potentially lead to and offence or fine. Keeping your pet safe while driving is not only more comfortable for them but it also makes sure that you are not distracted. You can make sure your furry friend is safe with a pet seatbelt, harness, crate and carriers or boot and luggage guards!

Autonomous emergency breaking

One of the biggest advance in built in car safety is autonomous emergency breaking. It is now more commonly fitted as standard but is also available as an option on most new cars. If there is a hazard which could cause a collision such as a pedestrian or vehicle in front of you, the AEB will automatically perform an emergency stop if the you do not take action manually. Some insurance companies also take this into account and it can lower your premium too!

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