The Best Types Of Moving Trucks For Movers Toronto

It’s important to consider the best types of moving trucks to use for relocation. The moving truck you choose should match your needs so you’ll be able to relocate efficiently.

Although you can hire a moving company to help you relocate, you can’t neglect the importance of choosing the right moving truck especially if you’re looking to move on your own. With that said, here are the best types of moving trucks that are ideal for any kind of relocation.

Moving Trucks

Moving trucks are typically used if you’re transporting items from a large house. Vans or pickups won’t be able to fit all your stuff inside. These trucks can also help homeowners save time and money. Since all items will fit inside the truck, there’ll be no delays in the relocation. Here are the best types of moving trucks you can use for moving.

10-foot truck

The smallest of the moving trucks, 10-foot trucks are ideal for use when moving into a small apartment.  

  • You can also use it to move into a bigger studio apartment.
  • They’re also very cost effective especially if you take into account its gas consumption.

14-foot truck

The 14-foot truck is ideal to use when moving into bigger apartments. If you’re moving into an apartment size that has more than two bedrooms, the 14-foot truck will help you carry all your items in one full load.

  • 14-foot trucks have a lower deck which allows you to load and unload items much easier.
  • These trucks can carry your items for a maximum weight of 3,000 pounds.

17-foot truck

The 17-foot truck is ideal to use when moving into much larger apartments or houses that have 2 or more bedrooms. The truck is very spacious and has enough space to load up your appliances, furniture, etc.

20-foot truck

Another type of moving truck that has more space to load up all your items is the 20-ft truck. If you’re looking to move into a large house with 3 or more bedrooms, this is the one to use.

24-foot truck

The 24-foot truck is ideal to use for moving into larger apartments or house that has 5 or more bedrooms.

26-foot truck

If you happen to have so many items to load up that a 24-foot truck is not enough, the 26-foot truck will be your last option.

  • This moving truck is capable of loading up your valuables and belongings and move them into an apartment or a house that has 5 or more bedrooms.
  • It is one of the largest moving trucks you can use right now.

Tractor -Trailers

If you’re moving a very long distance, your items and belongings will be safe to move when you load them up on a tractor-trailer.

  • Tractor-trailers, as the name suggests, are comprised of a tractor (the towing engine) and a trailer (used to load up your items). The tractor is attached to the trailer once fully loaded up.
  • Tractor-trailers can carry all your items and belongings because of their size. Trailers can be anywhere from 28-53 feet long, which makes them ideal for transporting all the items out of a large household.
  • Tractor-trailers can transport your goods safely to your destination thanks to the built-in air-ride suspension which minimizes potential damage. Also, in case the tractor breaks down along the way, you can simply call in a new tractor to attach to the trailer and resume the move.

Moving Vans

Although they’re really not trucks, moving vans are still the most popular type of vehicle used for moving. There are several types of moving vans used for moving, and they are:

  • Panel van. Panel vans are one of the smallest types of vehicle used for moving items. Their size is comparable to that of a regular car, which makes them ideal for moving into a studio apartment or a dorm room. A panel van is usually used for moving several specific items.
  • Parcel van. Parcel vans are larger than panel vans. They are mainly used for moving items from a medium-sized household. They are usually 12-15 feet long and can hold a maximum weight of 3,000 pounds.
  • City van. City vans are ideally used for moving to, from, or within a city. They are specifically designed for moving within the city thanks to its features such as an oversized windshield for better visibility, tilted steering wheel for easier maneuverability around the tight and busy streets of a city.

When choosing the best type of moving truck for your relocation, your decision should be based on how many items you have. You can’t rent a 10-foot truck if you have too much to load up. It’s also recommended that you use dollies when loading up a moving truck. Dollies can be really helpful especially if you’re moving large appliances or furniture. You can load up the truck using dollies instead of carrying them with your bare hands.

If you don’t have the resources to move your items on your own or if you simply want to move fast, you can hire a moving company like the Movers Toronto to assist you in your relocation. Good luck with your move.


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