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How to Boost Your Auto Salvage Business by Selling Salvaged Cars for Cash

Kelly Wilson

Selling salvage cars or only their parts to any business that would be paying you money is a great way of realizing the car’s worth. If you are a salvage yard owner, you could sell the auto parts to repair shops and other car owners for cash. You must make sure that you are getting the right value for the car. Try to get the maximum amount possible. Here are some tips for successfully selling cars from your salvage yard at best prices.

Establishing Ownership Is the Key

You must obtain the vehicle’s salvage title, if you still have not. Remember you need to establish ownership of the car before you could sell it to repair shops, or auto garages or even individual owners for the parts. Establish ownership in specifically your name before dealing with any of these businesses.

Evaluating the Accurate Value

You must carry out a meticulous examination of the car and accurately determine its Blue Book value. Before trying to sell off the salvage title car, you need to accumulate as much information about the car’s condition as possible. While shopping around for prices, you may encounter a host of questions regarding the car and that may include about what is the nature of the damage, does the car actually run or what is the matter with it etc. If it is possible, you must consider doing certain repairs to the salvaged car for making it road worthy. You must realize that cars that still drive would be fetching a lot more money as compared to those that cannot hit the road anymore.

Getting the Best Prices

You must call all the auto garages and auto repair shops in your locality and even in nearby cities. You would be quite amazed to see the price differences. It may be worth making a slightly longer trip for the extra money. It is best to get in touch with several potential clients or auto repair shops and do a comparative analysis of the prices offered. You could often make a substantial amount of money depending on the car’s model and make. Moreover, having a comprehensive list of damages could prove to be useful in determining the best prices. Visit http://www.idealautousa.com/ for an extensive selection of used cars and for perfect auto solutions.

Delivering Your Car

When you have determined a price and got a buyer, you must deliver the car with a salvage title. It is best to deliver or tow it yourself to the buyer since it could prove to be time and money saving. You must necessarily take the title when you are going for the transaction since you simply cannot consider selling the vehicle without a complete proof that you are the actual car owner.

Conclusion: Always Follow the Lemon Laws

While selling junk cars there are certain laws and regulations to follow for a smooth hassle-free transaction. There are specifically four Lemon Laws for consumer protection against fraudulent practices and unfair treatment. Do proper research to see if you are covered by the Lemon Law of your state. Mileage tampering laws need to be followed. Most of the Lemon Law documents would need an accurate mention of the prices. Mileage tampering is certainly an effective way of deceiving buyer and is certainly punishable by law. More often than not state Lemon Laws could be avoided simply by restricting yourself within a specific price range.

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