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How to Choose the Perfect Wheels and Trucks for Your Skateboard

Having the best wheels for your skateboard is very important. Skateboard wheels allow you to move, and also help determine how fast you can go. This skateboard wheels come in a range of sizes and colours.

Sizes are measured by the diameter of the wheel. Therefore the lower the number of millimetres of the diameter, the smaller the wheel; there are smaller wheels and larger wheels. No size is better than the other; it entirely depends on what will feel right with the skater. Weight and height may influence what one prefers.

You are going to know what size to choose after you know how the different sizes work, and how you can use them to your advantage. We will start with the;

  • Smaller size wheels these are best for doing tech tricks on a short board. They are the best for avoiding wheel bites. They are also slower.
  • Larger size wheels these are faster and give the balance you need. They are good for street skating.

Another fact to consider about wheels is their durability. Most manufacturing companies use a Durometer to measure the hardness level of the wheel. The harder the wheel, the higher its durability; Once again, you should not think that the hardest wheels are the best. The softer ones may be the best too; it all depends on what you need.

Harder wheels are faster but don’t have a stronger grip, while softer wheels are slower but have a stronger grip. Harder wheels do better on smooth surfaces, such as skate parks; while softer wheels are best for rough surfaces, and are good for street skating.

While choosing wheels, you must also consider your truck and deck as they must correspond so as to achieve the best performance. Look for Pro series truck wheels for the best performance wheels and trucks for your deck.

The other most essential part of a skateboard is the truck. This means you must have the best truck for your deck so as to attain a good performance on your skateboard. This is the most important and foremost decision you must make about your skateboard.

In the case of choosing the right truck, size does matter, as well as the differences between low, mid and high trucks. For beginners, you are probably asking yourself if you should ride a low, mid or high truck.

Your choice on the height of truck you want to use depends on your skateboarding preferences. There is no better truck height than the other; mostly, high trucks are used in loose trucks and street skating, while low trucks are used in skate parks to do flips.

  • Low trucks have a tighter centre of gravity, making flip tricks a bit easier. They are generally for Skate Park skating as the wheels are closer to the board. You will want to ride smaller wheels to avoid wheel bite.
  • High trucks are the best for turning as the truck can pivot further, because there is more space between the deck and the wheel, therefore creating more movement. In high trucks, there is no wheel bite when larger wheels are fitted, as the axle is now far from the deck. You can ride looser trucks as the wheels will have more room to move before hitting the deck.
  • Mid trucks are made by some companies to give you the best of both low and high trucks. They give you a mid-feeling in both of the heights mentioned above.

Having the best skateboard trucks and wheels will give you a very nice experience and comfortability; so when choosing them, those are the facts to consider.

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