How to earn some side money with your discarded vehicles?

Do you have an abandoned vehicle waiting in the garage to be got ridden off? Wait before you start your hunt with options to discard it.

Used cars – whether in running condition or not has a good market.

Most of the times car owners rush to sell off their cars at whatever price they get. However, you can do quite a few things with that discarded vehicle of yours.

Earn some side money with your discarded vehicles

Sell the car

Before selling your car to the auto retailers, lookout. And you will find many buyers interested in purchasing used vehicles in working condition.

But, imagine – would you like to buy a car which looks dilapidated, picked from the junkyard? Or would you prefer a car which is cleaned and polished? The buyer knows that he is buying a used car, but his payment would depend on how well you maintain the vehicle.

So, spruce up the car a bit, before you get rid of it, and earn some extra bucks on it.

A pinch of extra

We are not asking you to go out of your way for a car which you do not use. But, after you clean and deck it up, find out the necessary papers which include the service records, and the owner’s manual.

In case you have installed a new music system in the car, or a tracker, or have recently replaced the tires – make sure to highlight them to the prospective buyer.

Let others know that you have been taking care of your discarded vehicle and it’s worth every penny.

Don’t go fanatic over sprucing

The sprucing should be majorly limited to the necessity of the car.

Extra expenses such as an updated music system, just because you are planning to sell the car, is not going to fetch you anything extra.

By sprucing, we never refer to any cosmetic changes – it necessarily includes proper maintenance for the car to run, and pass the safety inspection, while looking clean and well-maintained.

Attractive advertisement

If you are putting up your car on sale on the internet, make sure that you upload some of the best pics of the car – in the current condition. High-resolution photographs are necessary to make your vehicle stand out in a sea of advertisements.

Mention each detail, including good and bad. If your car’s seat belts need to be replaced, highlight it, or if you installed a new air conditioner, highlight that too.

Sell the car parts

Car parts too have a lot of value, and they can fetch you justified amount when sold without the car also.

So, if you know a friend who is good with cars or if you enjoy engineering, dismantle the car. Do you know that there number of car enthusiasts, and hobbyists, who are waiting out there to purchase spare parts of vehicles? Every part of the car starting from the rubber, to the seats, the oil, the axles, and the glass can fetch you money. Even the scrap metal can help you to earn money.o

However, while dismantling the vehicle, you must keep in mind the safety rules and regulation.

Sell it to truck wreckers

In case dismantling the car seems to much a task for you, then sell it to the truck wreckers in Adelaide. They use every part of a vehicle for recycling. While the rubber from your car can be used for manufacturing tires, the fluid can be used in other vehicles.

Once the reusable parts are extracted, they bring out each bit of metal from the vehicle. A used car is valuable as scrap metal too.

Rent it

If your car is in repairable condition, you can rent it out. Many dealers can help you in this process. You simply need to list your car on their site, along with the necessary details. And you will be earning extra cash regularly from the vehicle which has been lying idle.

But, before you go ahead, check with your insurer if renting out will invalidate your coverage.

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