Electric Dirt Bike VS Gas For Kids – Which Option is Best

Do you know that having just the right type of bike is intriguing for your kid? Now think of getting your kid a dirt bike, you would probably be fulfilling his or her dream.

Naturally, kids love to explore and exploit as they have unequivocal strength, which allows them to try out even the most exciting adventures. Owning a very good dirt bike will not only turn their dream into reality but also give them the fun they crave for.

The challenge, however, is choosing between the two types of power sources of dirt bikes, which are electric and gas. Making the right choice of dirt bike can be confusing and tricky. This article is to eliminate that confusion by juxtaposing the two main types of dirt bikes and allowing you to choose which one suits you better without regrets.

Electric Dirt Bikes

One of the most important factors that will influence your choice of the dirt bike is the knowledge of the dirt bike itself. When you know about the features, merits, and demerits of the dirt bike and how they function, it makes it easy for you to choose according to The Dirt Bike Review.

For a start, dirt bikes powered by electricity are equipped with less internal moving parts, unlike the dirt bikes powered by gas. This is so because it has a simple electric motor that initiates rotary motion to drive the rear wheel through the sockets and chain. It is also important to note that this dirt bike does not need combustible fuel to run; neither does it require you to swindle any choke. Besides, the bike does not have a pull-start, which may come in handy for starting the bike whenever you encounter any difficulty.

Electric dirt bikes make just a little noise while being operated. The noise you get comes from the movement of the chain and the mild humming of the bike’s spinning electric motor. This characteristic of an electric bike makes it to be considered friendly to the environment and not usually apprehended by law enforcement officers when you ride your bike along the bicycle path.

Electric dirt bike motor has a rotating force that makes it to deliver better power while offline when compared to a dirt bike powered by gas. The motors do not require a warm-up procedure to function seamlessly. They can even run for quite long as long as there is still power left on its battery.

Also, when you buy this electric dirt bike, it is accompanied by a complete charger and built-in lithium batteries.

All you need to do to enjoy your electric dirt bike is to recharge their batteries constantly, and it will last you for a long time, thereby saving you a lot of money, unlike the gas-powered bike, which requires you to refill the gas every time at a high cost.

An electric bike is more reliable because it can travel farther. This is because they operate on strong and durable batteries. A single charge of 6 hours can make your bike go as long as five miles, unlike gas bikes, which cover less.

For your kids, this electric bike is sure to be a great choice as it reduces the chances of crashing because it moves at a rational lower pace compared to gas bikes. Thus, it is recommended for beginners as a great choice to enable a start on a good cruise.

Gas Powered Dirt Bikes

You must have noticed that power motorcycles can also run on gas. This has been in existence for a while and does not seem t ready to fade away anytime soon because they have proven to be strong and durable. This is because they run with internal combustion engines, which have been their selling point, and they have been in the market since the early ‘20s.

Dirt bike is far more popular than an electric bike because they have often been used from time immemorial and are getting even more popular by the day, unlike electric bike whose advent is a recent development.

The gas-powered bikes operate with two or four-stroke engines that have been designed to travel long distances over a long period without being impaired. This variation in the engine stroke also gives the user an option to choose from while enjoying a slightly different experience. The two-stroke engine is generally lighter than the four-stroke engine, and they also consume a lesser volume of fuel, thus making them cheaper.

These gas-powered bikes were created and developed with parts and engines that can stand the test of time even with the most lengthy and rigorous usage as long as you constantly top up the fuel.

As expected, your kid would prefer a bike that runs fast and is suitable for racing, and this gas bike is best suitable for that purpose. However, the efficiency and speed depend on the size of the bike.

For a few riders, the noise from this bike may sound irritating or too loud, but it is a blessing in disguise for some as they find it fascinating because it helps them get attention while riding and also feeling the roar from the combust. The sound the bike emits can also be used to guide newbies as regards the change of oil and sparkplug in their bikes.

However, gasoline engines are usually quite hard to maintain, especially if you do not have any prior technical know-how.


After careful review of both dirt bikes – gas bikes and electric bikes, the ball is now in your court to make the right choice while keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of both bike type.

Below is a summary of the merits and demerits of both bikes:


  • Electric bikes are easier to operate for beginners
  • Electric bike saves you money
  • Electric bikes are more environmentally friendly
  • Charging electric bike may be stressful if the power supply is not constant




  • Gas bikes provide you the best power
  • Gas bikes are loud
  • The fumes from the exhaust cause air pollution
  • They are not allowed to work everywhere but rather restricted to some areas

Whichever bike you eventually choose- electric or gas, it leaves you with no worry as your kids will always enjoy their ride.



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