Fun guaranteed: party bus and limo rental

Big events and big nights deserve a little bit of luxury. Whether it’s a prom night or a big birthday, there are plenty of ways to add that bit of extra sparkle. But one of the most appealing methods is to add a little fun through the transport that has been arranged. In other words, making arrangements for a limo or even a party bus is one sure-fire way to make guests feel special.

The two experiences are quite different though. And knowing the differences between a party bus experience and a limo experience should make the planning for the event easier.

Hiring a limo

A limo is an instant symbol of luxury, one that guests will be thrilled about as soon as it arrives. But it isn’t suited to all occassions. For example, while it may be a great choice for a special anniversary or birthday meal, it might not have enough built-in fun for a hen party.

What a limo will have is luxury. The interior will have been maximised with regards to space and comfort, so you’ll find a vehicle that is relaxing and luxurious. Many limos offer a great space where guests can relax and unwind. Within the limo guests will also find mood lighting, deeper seats than they are used to, and there are other luxurious aspects that make limo travel extra special.

For example, a limo might have TV screens and monitors inside, which allow for extra entertainment. Alongside this is the sound system, which will have been specially crafted to give the best acoustics inside the vehicle. It all adds up to a much better audio visual experience than what the guests are used to.

Add this to the fact that most limos have a mini bar and the whole experience will provide true excitement prior to an event or special occasion. And best of all, it keeps guests all together and safe on a night out.

Hiring a party bus

Party buses are a relatively recent invention, but they have managed to fill a gap in the market. Hiring one is a great way to bring a wilder and more fun-oriented feel to an evening. To understand this, limos are often hired for reasonably serious or traditional events, like weddings, birthdays and so on. However, a party bus is often used for more raucous events, such as hen and stag parties. The facilities inside the party bus illustrate why this is the case.



For example, some party buses, such as those found with party bus rental in New York as well as many other cities around the world, have actual dance floors, and while they may not be as big as the dance floor in a club, they are big enough to get the evening started off right. And along with a dance floor, it is not uncommon to have a party bus that has a dry ice or fog machine, really adding to the party atmosphere within the vehicle.

The true benefit to a party bus is the party itself. They have been designed to accomodate people who want to dance, drink and have a good time on the way to an event or venue. So they have that little extra sparkle compared to limos.

While both options are great fun, bear in mind that a party bus really suits an actual party, and the bus will add to the atmosphere before the party starts. Limos are more about comfort and luxury, and traditional events. However, both are great fun, and are sure to help the night start with a bang

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