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Giti Gazelles Desert Driving Experience and Community Support

The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles has been the world’s only all-female rally competition since 1990, taking place in the Moroccan desert. Racers are driven to their capabilities in search of thrill and companionship, while also challenging their willpower and physical and psychological capabilities. The first Rallye Acha des Gazelles took place in 1990, with nine French teams of two competing in the Sahara. The Rallye Acha des Gazelles is also the first automotive race to receive ISO 14001 (2004) environmental accreditation in 2010. This year, Helen Tait Wright and Sue Alemann, introducing the Giti Gazelles will take part in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles desert rally in collaboration with Giti Tire.

Introducing the Giti Gazelles

This year, Giti has collaborated with the all-female Giti Gazelles team to participate in the off-road driving team. Helen Tait Wright being the pilot of the Land Rover Defender 110 – equipped with the latest Giti 4×4 AT70 tires, is all set for this unique desert rally in Morocco. This September, Helen with her navigator Sue Alemann is excited to announce to be running Giti’s new All Terrain Tires, the AT70s, in the event for the very first time.

Born and brought up on an English farm, Helen has always been a car enthusiast, even after working in the creative industry for years. After 2019, this year will be her second attempt in the Rallye des Gazelles with Priscilla – the Land Rover Defender 110 that is all prepped for the rally by the team. Sue, like Helen, also hasn’t done any formal racing but has a passion for physicality, wilderness and philanthropy that interestingly all comes with the experience in Rallye des Gazelles.

Giti’s take on the philanthropic side of Rallye des Gazelles

Honouring the Giti Gazelles and the rally’s uniqueness of all-woman teams, both of the racers have contributed to several initiatives regarding women, education and the environment. They have a neighbourhood buyer park where animals are reintroduced to the wilderness, therefore Giti and the crew are supporting the clearance of 100 hectares of land in the Sahara. They prepared this area for the Damas Gazelles, who are among the most endangered animals on the planet, with only 110 remaining in the open. So the buyer park, which is several km far, had three babies this year, one of whom is named Scilla, after Priscilla.

The Couere de Gazelles, or “Heart of the Gazelle,” is a charitable initiative of the Rallye des Gazelles. This non-profit runs a healthcare caravan accompanying the race, with 60+ professional volunteers who accompany us into the Sahara and into the villages, where they assist the locals with medical care, sanitary products, school supplies, meals, and clothes. A total of 10,000 individuals are expected to receive medical care, as well as instruction on how to educate the locals and their children.

One of the best aspects of this is that it also teaches the kids about the ecosystem and how long various objects require to degrade. All of the things they get, however, are packaged in recyclable cotton bags, reducing their carbon impact. It is indeed a huge step in the right direction, assisting them in ensuring the long-term viability of their future.

According to the Giti Gazelles, Giti has made it quite obvious that philanthropy and environmental issues were both extremely important to them. Giti has been extremely charitable and has provided a contribution that will assist with the installation of a tech department, which entails installing Wi-Fi, monitors, and all appropriate equipment such as textbooks and stationery goods.

Importance of the Giti 4×4 AT70 in Rallye des Gazelles

With a great deal of range to travel and a lot of terrains to tackle, using Giti’s Desert One tires is what Gazelles are confident in. Since a lot of the area isn’t just sand, there are rocks and other obstacles to navigate as well – an all-terrain tyre is considerably better. There are several advantages to the AT70, including improved sidewall protection, which is essential when travelling through uneven terrain.

This newly-released tyre has gotten an extremely favourable response from end-users and distributors as it keeps expanding into several more areas across the world. Its high functionality on varied driving conditions, as well as its robust durability and appealing design, are highlighted as qualities that are immediately evident while testing the tyre.

About Giti

Founded in 1951, Giti Tire has been a phenomenal tire producer with its headquarters based in Singapore. Being one of the leading tire companies at present, Giti has a wide range of products suitable for consumers, vehicle manufacturers, auto-service outlets, tire dealers, motorsports teams and more. With eight production facilities in three locations, the company thrives to expand in the coming days as well.

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