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Why Living in California is Every Motor Enthusiast’s Dream

As anyone who’s ever visited or lived in the state of California will know only too well, it has some jaw dropping views to offer. Whether it be the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite National Park with its wildlife, exotic plants, and natural waterfalls, Los Angeles at nighttime with its iconic skyscrapers lighting up the sky, Santa Cruz and its glowing beaches revered by surfers, California has some top views for you to enjoy.

Many of California’s highways and smaller roads, both in land and in coastal areas, bless drivers with stunning scenic views. How much better can life get than playing your favourite music with the rooftop or windows down, the fresh air blowing in your face, and the road ahead offering a beautiful awesome backdrop?

Read more to find out why for all the petrol heads and car enthusiasts out there, California is truly one of the greatest places you could ever wish to live.

How Can You Buy Used Cars in California?

When buying a used car there are many things that buyers should look out for.  How many miles has it done? What’s the car’s maintenance and repairs record? Has it been involved in major road traffic accidents? How old is the car?  What’s its fuel efficiency like?

To get your hands on a trustworthy used motor vehicle in California that’s only 1-4 years old, check out the EchoPark used car dealership in Long Beach.

What Are The Best Road Trips In California?

So, what are some of the best road trips to go on in California which offer motor enthusiasts a unique road trip experience?

One of the most iconic routes which fans of the hippie culture and vintage American films and music will love and feel nostalgic driving along is route 66. The famous ‘mother road’ takes you from the east to the west of the USA, beginning in Chicago and finishing in Santa Monica, California.

For those looking for beach horizons with splendour and a route which stops off at top surfing destinations, a trip along the Pacific Coast Highway is a must. Discover the Big Sur coast from the comfort of your vehicle on this gorgeous coastal route.

What Cars are Manufactured Today in California?

The well-known Tesla cars are manufactured at the automotive company’s factory plant in Fremont, California. Tesla’s electric cars have been at the forefront in recent years of pioneering features such as  fully electric models refuelled by superchargers instead of diesel or petrol pumps, the handy addition of being able to be locked and unlocked remotely by owners downloading the Tesla app on their smartphones, the ‘dog mode’ setting that keeps your furry friends ventilated when you have to leave them for a short while in the car.

Where Can You Get Car Maintenance and Repairs Done?

Unfortunately, you may encounter maintenance issues with any car you buy and need to visit a garage to fix damages to the car. This may require a change of tires, engine repairs, a new exhaust pipe fitted, or a solution to whatever the issue with your vehicle may be. In 2020, there were almost 235,000 auto repair and maintenance centers across the USA. So, when you want to find a garage to mend your car in California, you will be blessed with the luxury of a great deal of choice. Whether it be at an independent garage, or at a Walmart Auto Care Center, there’s many places that can offer you specialist support in the sunshine state.

Living in California is paradise for motor enthusiasts.

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