How many miles will a Mazda BT-50 last?

So the situation could be that you are thinking of getting a Mazda BT-50 or you already own one. Either way, your curiosity has brought you to this writing about how well the Mazda BT-50 lasts. Before you can learn the miles a Mazda BT-50 can go there are a bunch of small factors that change this value.

There is no doubt that the Mazda BT-50 is a good car, but it, like every other vehicle can have problems occur and may use more fuel because of it. That is why we need to cover those factors before tackling the big question.

Are Mazda BT-50 expensive to maintain?

This question can be very simple or very complex depending on what you need to know. If we want to discuss all the important parts of maintaining cost it will need to be broken down into four parts. That way it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

Cost for Service:

Getting your vehicle serviced is the smartest thing to do when you are experiencing problems. When that happens you should head to any nearby Mazda service centre for the best results, but most service centres will do fine.

The average yearly cost for car servicing sits at $467. With this purchase, you are guaranteeing a professional to look over your vehicle. At the same time, you are purchasing peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in a working and safe condition.

When you should get your vehicle serviced:

It is recommended by car servicing companies that you should get your vehicle serviced twice annually. This is either every 6 months or after 10,000km of distance is travelled. To be honest you could definitely get away with only once a year if you keep you Mazda BT-50 in good condition. Of course, if a problem starts occurring with your BT-50 then you should head over immediately.

Why you should keep your vehicle in good condition:

There is the obvious reason that a bad and unsafe vehicle could cause a lot of damage. The potential harm that everyone, including you, is higher and should be fixed fast. If the car was to break down when you need it urgently or even worse, while driving, can be a big problem.

When you have problems like bad oil or problems with spark plugs your car’s efficiency can go down. This is very prominent with non-full pressure tyres. Fixing these will keep your car’s efficiency at top-notch.

The average cost for individual parts:

This option is great if you know how to replace car parts or know someone who will do it for less then getting it serviced. Either way, this option can end up saving some costs, but that’s still dependant on how many times you need to get it fixed.

The costs for most of the Mazda BT-50s car parts usually fall around $100 or below. Very rarely it will go much large for general servicing. In the end, this cost can be immensely less then getting your vehicled serviced but is only good if you know someone who can do it correctly.

What is Mazda BT-50 fuel consumption?

Depending on the model you chose you will find different fuel consumptions. The models of the Mazda BT-50 consume slightly different amounts of fuel. The min and maximum fuel consumption range from 8 – 10L per 100km. Compared to a lot of other pickups and off-roaders this is really not that bad. It is a good amount for the quality of the vehicle you would be receiving.

The Big Question

So now we have what we need to know to get to the final conclusion. The combination of the fuel consumption rate as well as what is needed to make sure the car can work at best efficiency. With the Mazda BT-50 fuel tank capacity being 80L the final conversion is done using the average being 9L. 

The resulting km is 888.88km and now if converted to miles it equals 552.32 miles. Now that the big question has been solved maybe you would like to head over to Mazda dealers website and browse the Mazda BT-50 in Perth. There are many different options so you will most likely find one that fits you.

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