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Motorcycle safety gear offers complete body protection to make a ride enjoyable and safe

Sylvia Watson

As much it is essential for motorcycle riders to know about the machine it is equally important to have proper knowledge about the accompanying motorcycle gear. Only when you have complete information about the options available for both motorcycles and motorcycle gears that it would be possible to ensure a smooth and safe riding experience. Unless you can select suitable riding gear, you can never assure complete safety during riding. Any motorcycle connoisseur would advise riders to abide by the safety guidelines that are so essential to soak in the adventure of motorcycle riding. It means, besides buying a reliable motorcycle that can live up to your expectations of providing a comfortable ride with adequate safety, you have to equip yourself with suitable Motocross Gear that offers complete protection to riders.

People with an inclination for indulging in adventure sports are eager to enjoy the high thrills and excitement of riding at high speed while demonstrating their skills in maneuvering and controlling the incredible machine. As a sport, motorcycle riding is a prime adventure sport that attracts millions of riders who love to enjoy the adrenaline rush as they step on the pedal of motorcycles. However, there are high risks involved in riding bikes for which you must ensure complete protection from shocks and crashes as well as from the elements of nature. By gathering information about the different kinds of motorcycle gears, you can take a well-informed decision about selecting the ones that you would need.

From apparels to helmets and boots, you must cover your body adequately to protect is from the dangers of impact and shocks to which it remains highly exposed. In this article, we have provided information on some primary motorcycle gears that are mandatory for riders. The information should help to identify the kind of equipment that suits your riding needs.

Head protection with helmets

Helmets not only offer protection against the impact of a collision but also shield the face from exposure to winds and keep bugs out from your teeth. Since the face is most exposed to any impact, almost 45 percent, it is advisable to wear full face helmets that protect not only the skull but also the face. Open face helmets and three-quarter helmets provide partial protection only.

The safety of helmet depends not only on the design but also the EPS impact absorption material used for its construction. Various layers of Styrofoam of varying densities are bonded together with adhesive to create a solid synthetic mass robust and shock resistant. It offers protection against any impact from a collision that bikers might face. Usually, helmets have a five-year lifespan because as time progresses, the bonding of the adhesive weakens and the shock resisting property starts decreasing.

During a crash, helmets would crush and get destroyed so that it dissipates the high impact energy and prevents it from affecting the skull thereby protecting it. Had it not crashed, the power would have crumpled your head. Sometimes helmets might not go through any external damage, but internal injuries to the material can happen.

Use helmets with DOT approved sticker as only these are legal in America.

Jackets protect the body

For protecting the torso together with the arms when you are riding a motorcycle, you must always wear a jacket. The jacket must be made especially for use by riders that ensure comfort and safety and not just the ordinary stuff. Motorcycle jackets have unique features that can efficiently withstand crashes and the impact of high-speed winds to protect the body from any harm.

Riding jackets are available in leather and textile fabrics. For the classic looks of a biker, leather jackets are simply unmatched. Leather jackets have excellent fit and sit tight on the body besides lasting much longer. Jackets made from textile fabrics are more affordable and made from a high-quality textile that has high abrasion resistant properties like leather. Textile jackets have a layer of waterproof covering on the top that keeps you dry in wet weather just like leather jackets.

Motorcycle jackets are unique because of the material and construction. Seams are stitched multiple times to ensure that it remains sturdy and robust in the face of abrasion. Some jackets even have chest protectors. Look for the CE mark on jackets that signifies its safety rating.

Pants for lower body protection

For protecting the lower part of the body from abrasions and cuts, use motorcycle pants only made from fabric material or leather, just like jackets. Wearing a pair of actual riding pants will give you the confidence for protecting your body during a fall. For protection to the sensitive parts of the lower trunk, choose pants that use CE rated armor protection for knees, shins, and hips. The pants must have a snug fit but should make you feel comfortable by allowing free and full leg movement. Try out the pants by sitting on a bike in the riding position and select it when you find it most comfortable.

Boots for leg protection

Balancing a motorcycle that weighs 350 lbs on an average requires strong legs well supported at the ankles and have a firm foothold that does not slip on all kinds of surfaces. Wearing boots made for the bikers allow you to stand firmly on the ground and maneuver the enormous machine. The shoes must have a sturdy construction with slip resistant and oil resistant soles and equipped with ample protective features for protecting ankles that are most vulnerable during a crash.

Gloves on your hands

Hand protection is essential because it is a fragile part of the body that is also much needed for efficient riding. Protect your hands with a pair of gloves that covers the palm entirely and extends up to the wrists. Gloves must have proper padding for protection and a strap tied to the wrist ensures that it does not slip off.

Motorcycle gears are ideal for protection and comfort and prevent drivers from fatigue and stress that often causes accidents.

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