Must-Have Dirt Bike Accessories for 2020

If you have owned a dirt bike for quite some time now, you probably already have a few accessories for it. The problem is the accessories you currently have might not be the essential ones that you should have in your arsenal.

There are numerous options for you to find out what are the essential bike accessories you should have. You can even ask friends who also own dirt bikes. You can search through online forums or you can dig through magazines; however, doing these things takes time and is quite taxing.

So, to save your precious time, read on as this article will discuss the must-have accessories for your dirt bike this 2020.

Bike Security Accessories

According to an article by Budget Direct, 20.3% of homes in Australia have experienced a home burglary at some point, that’s about 2 out of 10 homes. This is quite alarming because that would mean that your dirt bike is significantly at risk of bike theft. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, which is getting and using bike accessories that are made for safety and security purposes.

Alarmed disc locks have sirens that can reach up to 120 decibels, and this is significant because you’re assured that you will hear the alarm when your bike is tampered with.

Another bike security accessory is a ground anchor kit, which includes a security chain and lock that offers security against drilling and extreme resistance to aggressive attacks. Having this accessory will surely improve the safety and security of your dirt bike.

Quality Cleaning Kits

Dirt bikes are often driven on off-road surfaces like mud, sand, snow, and even gravel, which requires regular cleaning. Cleaning your bike is not a fun-filled activity, but it’s important because doing it helps in maintaining the overall integrity of your bike. Given this fact, you should invest in quality cleaning kits and products to ensure that your motorcycle is well-cleaned and maintained.

Motor cleaners help in softening up dirt build-up in your bike to make it easier to remove. You can then use motor polishers to polish and shine your bike, so it looks good as new. You should also buy specialized cleaning brushes, muffler plugs, and sponges to help you clean areas that are difficult to reach and hard to shift places.

Bike Stands

Cleaning your bike or doing a few repairs would be difficult if you just let it lean on the wall or if you use a small fitted stand. This is because you won’t be able to clean specific areas of your bike appropriately, and you won’t be ready to manoeuvre properly if the motorcycle is not positioned upright when doing repairs.

Using a dedicated bike stand is advantageous because you can position your bike in an upright position. This makes it easier to do repairs since you will be able to see clearly and reach particular areas of your motorcycle; cleaning would be a lot easier too.

A dedicated bike stand also improves your safety during repair and cleaning because it puts your bike in a balanced and stable position. You wouldn’t need to worry about your bike tilting over and injuring you in the process.

There are numerous accessories for dirt bikes in the market today that serve different purposes, but the accessories mentioned above are the must-haves. This is because of the safety and security they bring as well as for maintaining the quality of your bike.

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