The Oldest Cars that Still Work and Are Manufactured Today

If you think your fifteen-year-old auto has turned into a bulky piece of junk, think again. Maybe you have a point if you hadn’t been diligent enough in maintaining it, but if the poor car qualifies for an overhaul job, then it’s salvageable and, therefore, not yet a piece of junk.

For example, Subaru cars have the best reputation among all automakers, according to the Reputation Institute, the world’s leading intelligence provider. So if you own an old Subaru, particularly apre-2010 Outback or Legacy or a pre-2011 Forester, it can likely still look good as new. Its biggest issue is probably in its head gasket; Subaru gasket leaks are usually found in those older models, so have an experienced mechanic examine it and replace it if necessary.

That said, before losing our affection for our dear old cars, let’s try to shift our focus to their outstanding qualities or to the things that they can still do. If people can fix broken things in the past and make it function until today, what’s our excuse to immediately give up on a little damage?

Speaking of “past,”you’d be fascinated to discover that some automobiles from the distant past are still seen on the road today. Yes, they’re still working, and automakers still manufacture a couple of them.

Without further ado, here are the classic and iconic cars you might still see on the streets:

1. Ford Fiesta

We’d start with the youngest car. The Ford Fiesta has already undergone numerous generations of evolution since its launch in 1976, but the original model still runs today. The latest and last model is the sixth generation.

Yes, sadly,Ford Fiesta has officially retired, but models are still available for purchase. It has been replaced by the 2020Ecosportand the 2020 Fusion.

2. Volkswagen Golf

A.K.A Volkswagen Rabbit in the U.S. and Volkswagen Caribe in Mexico, this best-seller has also been upgraded many times since its release in 1974. It’s currently in its 7th generation version, but the original model isn’t likely to show signs of disappearing anytime soon. After all, Mk1 models are still available for purchase today, starting at around£8,000.

3. Volkswagen Passat

The second Volkswagen in this list is just as alive as the first. It came a year before Golf’s release, sharing the same engine as the Audi 80. Auto collectors can still buy the older models, starting at around£20,000.

4. Toyota Corolla

This famous Toyota model may have gone through several upgrades already, but its 1966 version remains alive and kicking to this day. Early Corolla models were rear-wheel drive and still valuable at present, whereas newer models are front-wheel drive. Unfortunately, though, it’s replaced in the UK by the Auris 2007.

5. Jaguar E-type

Enzo Ferrari referred to this luxurious convertible as the most beautiful car ever made. True enough, its beauty surpasses its sleek appearance and elegant curves. Despite being a 1960s model, the Jaguar E-type’s vigor remains superior even by today’s standards. Auto aficionados in the UK can drive this car at the Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience in Kenilworth.

6. 1949 Rolls-Royce Dawn Drophead

The only drawback of this captivating car is its short lifespan – only five years. But the advantage of that is its beauty gets to be preserved. As such, this treasure is scarce, with only 28 units produced. Three of them are still available in the U.S., though, and if they haven’t been purchased yet, maybe one of them is waiting for you.

7. Volkswagen Beetle

The third Volkswagen in this list goes way back to 1938. The streets were filled with these iconic vehicles until the 90s, but you’d still catch sight of a few of it today. Currently, the Beetle doesn’t look anywhere near its original model, but it’s still pretty recognizable.

8. Morgan 4/4

The Morgan 4/4 was first introduced in 1935. It has a version available today that was seen in 1955, a lookalike of the Series II. Collectors would have to pay over£30,000 to own one.

And because it’s so old, the price won’t give you much; its signature features are probably just the posh leather upholstery and historical appearance. Indeed, driving this out in the open will make you look like you’ve time-traveled from the 30s.

9. 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Convertible Coupe

The oldest car on this list is the gorgeous and high-priced 1935Duesenberg Model SJ Convertible Coupe. At the “Top Sale RM Auction” at Amelia Island in 2013, this iconic automobile had sold for $4.51 million. You may not see them in the streets anymore, but it was drivenin the Texas and Wyoming Duesenberg Tours.

These nine ancient beasts may not be as fast as the present cars, but they never fail to impress. They definitely deserve the spots they’ve been given in auctions, museums, and auto magazines.

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