Why Should You Opt for OSHA Forklift Certification Training?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA’s forklift certification training will give you the confidence to handle these heavy vehicles.

Lack of adequate training and industry experience can often lead to freak accidents in the workplace. This can grievously injure a new operator, unskilled in the right manner of operating a forklift. And it can also cost your company in terms of paying hefty compensation to the injured operator.

The penalty amount can cost thousands of dollars for allowing an unskilled operator to handle a heavy vehicle like a forklift. About 85 lives are lost in the US alone each year due to forklift accidents, and the number of injuries crosses a million.

With OSHA forklift certification training, a novice operator will benefit from the following:

Formal Instruction

Once you enroll an employee for OSHA certification training, he/she will be provided with study materials ranging from charts to diagrams, slides, video, and audio clips. These will help the trainee understand how a forklift operates and the best way to handle such heavy equipment.

The trainee will be learning under a certified instructor who will look into all aspects of the employee’s training. They will undergo lectures and also see live demonstrations.

Knowledge of Real-Life Situations

The trainee will get detailed instructions on real workplace-related issues like:

  • Surface conditions
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Driving a forklift on a sloping surface or incline
  • Driving in restricted areas and closed environments
  • Stacking and unstacking
  • What to do when operating in hazardous locations
  • Driving in places with poor environmental conditions

The training is designed to give your forklift operators a comprehensive understanding of all possible scenarios that can arise while driving a forklift. This will strengthen them mentally when they find themselves in a unique situation when they are out on their own.

Hands-On Training

Once the trainee has undergone the theoretical aspect of the training, hands-on practical training will commence. Here, the trainee will learn how to operate a forklift under expert supervision.

The training will be specific to your workplace, and the trainee will learn how to handle forklift equipment professionally. When the training ends, the trainee will be able to drive a forklift safely.

Driving a forklift is different than driving any other kind of vehicle. It takes immense skill and confidence to drive such a heavy vehicle over various types of terrains.

The training will cover various kinds of truck-related topics, such as:

  • Visibility
  • Steering
  • Knowledge about operating limitations
  • Controls of a forklift
  • Vehicle stability
  • Engine operation
  • Refueling and recharging, among others

Refresher Courses

Not just new learners, but even seasoned forklift drivers and operators will benefit from a refresher OSHA forklift certification course. These courses are meant to update the drivers about the new developments in forklifts.

While they might be driving and operating a forklift for years, they also need to know about the technological advancements leading to new modes of operations. The training will teach about new pieces of equipment, new parts, and how to operate the updated versions of forklifts.

This will help them better acclimatize to any changes in the workplace when new-age forklifts are introduced. Once your operators are updated with the latest technologies and training, you can expect higher productivity and lesser accidents.

Comprehensive Evaluation

By the end of the training, the trainee will be evaluated to determine whether they are ready to handle forklifts in the workplace. The evaluation is based on the expertise in handling the equipment, understanding the different parts of forklifts, assessing any risks, and averting a crisis.

Evaluations will be conducted for new operators and also for those undergoing refresher courses. After that, they will be evaluated every three years, keeping up with the industry changes within that period.

It will give your employees the confidence to work, and you can have complete peace of mind.

If you’re an employer with forklift operators in your workplace, you should opt for this certification.

With the OSHA forklift certification, you will ensure that your facility is a safe place to work in. There are also minimal chances of falling prey to fake certifications. Remember, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your operators have formal instruction and practical training to avoid forklift-related accidents or severe legal actions.

This way, you will minimize the risk of freak accidents with an inexperienced worker driving a heavy vehicle like a forklift without training. It will also help your workplace meet industry norms and comply with the rules and regulations of operating heavy machinery, avoiding any legal issues in the process.

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