Putting the wrong fuel in your car is dangerous for your car engine

How Misfueling possible at all? How a driver can be as careless or ignorant?

Yes, indeed it is relatively difficult to understand how a driver can kill his car with his own hands? How a driver can act carelessly on fuel station? It is the same thinking as more than 90 percent drivers think, there are still more than 9 percent behind who actually make this mistake regularly. Research confirms that there are more than 4 drivers every hour misfuel their cars in the UK. But the actual stats are way higher than this figure.

GMM1 Fuel assist is a wrong fuel recovery service and they confirm that they help to recover more than 6 to 10 drivers within the M25 motorway region of greater London every day. This way when these guys are actually in this business and recovering 10 vehicles every day on average, in a smaller region of the UK, there are more than 10 wrong fuel recovery services and they are also not sitting in the offices, they are also recovering a lot every day. This way, the overall situation in the smaller segment can be assessed that how worse the situation is? The carefully aggregated stats are way above the figures stated in the report.

The majority of people believes that it is impossible to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, but you would be surprised that the Misfiling is a reality and it happens more than often than your imagination about this act of the drivers. In London only, there are more than 50 cases of misfueling reported every day, this way you can imagine that entire UK might have this figure in thousands every day. If a city of the UK which is famous for their perfectionists and being orderly and correct inhabitants can do this mistake then there is no reason left for the others that they would do it more often.

You are at the risk of Miss fuelling?

Yes you are at the risk of miss feeling when you have more than one cars to drive during the day, e.g. you have a different car for your private use than a car is being used for work and both have different engines. According to research by the human psychologists the probability of Misfueling is greater in the evening times, the reason behind this misfortune is tiredness and body fatigue after working long hours and come home late.

Secondly, this happens when you are going for an outing in the evening in your private car which is different from the car you have used all day long for work. This sudden change sometimes remains unprocessed in mind and driver puts the same fuel in their car which they have used in their other vehicle. According to the psychologists, it is relatively easy to forget which is which and who needs what when you have any type of stress or you are on the phone with a person who normally calls you in your working hours.

It is a normal activity when you are using a patrol car to go to work and using a diesel car during the working hours. Even some aggressive measures taken by the fuel stations cannot help the drivers to save this misfortune. Even clearly written names on the fuel filling nozzles don’t work. People found forcefully injecting the wrong nozzles into the fuel tanks and filling than to the fullest with wrong fuel and drive. It is always recommended that drivers must spend a while to understand the labels on the fuel station to make sure what fuel this vehicle eats and what needs to be filled in, decide before purchasing. Secondly, the rental vehicles remain at high risk of miss fuelling and it happens more often.

The most common denominators behind Miss fuelling

One thing is clear that Misfueling is dangerous for the engine and it can cost you massive money in repair bills. In more than 99 percent cases, Misfueling happens due to the following factors.

  • A driver was in hurry and didn’t pay attention to the fuel he used
  • Was busy on the phone and pulled up the diesel nozzle in petrol
  • Was in serious tension and missed the actual fuel
  • It was a rental car and did miss the actual fuel.

The better way saving this misfortune is to pay attention to your vehicle on the fuel station, need to learn what happens when wrong fuel gets into your vehicle. How it kills the engine of the vehicle.

Put the diesel in petrol – what can happen to my engine?

Fortunately, one of the least dangerous and less costly mistakes is adding diesel in your petrol engine, but sadly, it is also more often. There are several safety measures taken place at the fuel stations and it is hard to inject the diesel nozzle into a petrol tank. The diesel nozzles are relatively wider and bigger than the petrol nozzles and they won’t fit in petrol tanks.

But people ripe easy food by force and do this foolish mistake as well. Even it is difficult to ignore that it is not fitting in but still they made mistakes. So, if you were distracted at the time you were about to refuelling and or in another case the fuel as filled from a fuel container at home or somewhere else, the consequences you would face are fewer damages to your vehicle engine but they still would cost you money.

Generally, diesel is a heavy fuel and it won’t burn easily and when it burns, it produces a lot much amount of smoke. Diesel engines use different systems to control the combustion but petrol system are totally different thus when diesel burns in a petrol engine, it straightaway kills the catalytic converter of the vehicle. And oxygen sensor might get damage too. Flushing out the diesel out of the fuel delivery system might cost you around 300GBP to 500GBP depending on the situation and if you had some serious damage to your car fuel delivery system only, the overall engine in this particular case remains safe.

If there is a smaller amount of diesel dripped into the fuel tank, your engine will behave differently and will lose power at first and then worsen performance. Remember if you feel such kind of behaviour of your engine, pull aside and call for wrong fuel assistance, you have done something wrong unintentionally. There is diesel in your petrol engine.

Put petrol in diesel – what can happen to my engine?

Unfortunately, it is one of the most dangerous situations and one of the most costly mistake. This happens more often in the UK because petrol nozzles are smaller in size and can fit in the diesel tank easily. On the other hand, putting petrol in diesel has more serious consequences and effects than putting diesel in a petrol engine. Petrol has a quality of bleaching the things out and it removes the viscosity lubrication effects.

Modern diesel engines are something more technical and they are very dependent on the quality of fuel used in the engine, feeding petrol in these engines results in a real misfortune. Diesel fuel not only works to power the vehicle but at the same time, it lubricates the parts. In the case of petrol, it removes the diesel’s lubrication effect and causes jammed fuel injectors and even the fuel pump, and other fuel delivery components.

Mind you, the replacement of these parts would be costly however if you would think about the repair of these parts, this would also cost you not less than a few thousand pounds. Another thing is that petrol combined with the air is more flammable than diesel and it can even damage the internal engine parts too. The repair bill would be out of control in this case and it might be easy to buy a new car than repairing the old one which was miss fuelled in this case.

Miss fuelling does not have to be your fault at all!

It is better to get help from the station attendants to select the right fuel and there is no stigma attached to ask them. If when they guide you, and a vehicle is still behaving badly, the fuel quality is poor.

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