The (r)evolution of motorways

As a result of the technological advancements, motorways will soon be able to transmit traffic information directly to drivers, plan future investments according to traffic patterns, or warn against potholes and congestion. That’s why they will be appropriately named smart.

Smart motorways are stretches of road equipped with technological and strategic features such as dynamic hard shoulders, variable speed limits, monitoring sensors, and cameras. The system known as active traffic management is currently being improved with technologies such as drones, smart LED road studs, and built-in sensors.

There are multiple startups that are trying to take smart motorways to the next level and pursue a futuristic vision of roads and traffic. They promote solutions such as solar motorways which would generate sustainable energy.

The opinions are varied and the idea of building solar roads gets a lot of criticism because of numerous technical, financial, technological, and practical challenges. However, with the advancements we currently see, it might become a viable option not that far ahead from now.


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