Tips on How to Sell Your Car at Max Price

Neil White

Sure, putting a piece of paper in your car window could alert people that the vehicle is for sale but it is most likely not going to get you the highest price possible, especially if your car is not looking spotless. To make the most of this opportunity and earn as much as you can, you need to put some work into both your car and the ad you put out. Here are some tips on how to do this properly to get the maximum price for your vehicle.

Get an estimate for your car

Before you put up an ad, you should consult an expert to get a reliable estimate of your car’s value. Most of us are amateurs when it comes to this, so getting a professional opinion could help you set a reasonable asking price. If you don’t have any locals that could advise you on this topic, you can also look online as there are websites specializing in this, such as KBB or Edmunds. Use this information as a ballpark figure, as there are several other factors that can affect the price, such as the location, time of year and the condition of your car. Plus or minus 25% of the estimated price is what you can expect.

Set the price

While getting an estimate can help you set the price, there are some tricks you should rely on to get the most of this sale. For instance, you can ask for 5 or 10 percent more in the beginning. It is quite possible that the buyer will try to negotiate, which is when you can start lowering the price slowly until you reach the price you expected in the first place. This will make the buyer feel like they got a great deal and came out as the winner of this exchange.

Fix up the car

The vehicle has to be in good shape if you want to get a good price for it. Start by taking it to the mechanic to ensure everything is running properly. In case there are some issues, work with a professional to get them fixed as soon as possible. Check everything from the engine and brakes to the details such as dashboard lights. Refill the fluids. If there are any chips or scratches, touch them up. It doesn’t matter how small the defect might appear, deal with it before you put your car up for sale.

Make it spotless

After you make sure your car is working properly, you should put some effort into making it look spotless. Start by giving it a good wash, both inside and outside. Make sure there are no unnecessary items in the trunk or glove compartment. Vacuum the interior, wash the windows, clean the wheels and wax the exterior. If you think this is too much work, you can also turn to professionals. Those at Schmicko provide both interior and exterior detailing and you can even consider ceramic coating which will ensure your car is resistant to scratches and is easier to clean. To get the biggest ROI possible, you need to invest some money into making the car look stunning.

Write an interesting ad

When writing your ad, you should not over-hype the car. Give the potential buyers all the facts, from make and model to mileage and condition. Mention whether the vehicle has any special features, like a sunroof or a great sound system. In case you spent a lot of money on an upgrade recently, make sure to list it and show it off. You can also guarantee that it hasn’t been flooded or totaled in an accident if that is true.

Take amazing photos

You cannot have an ad without photos, seeing as how people will not even consider you as an option then. You can’t have just one, either. So, make sure to include as many photos as you can, from all angles and sides. Don’t forget about the interior as well, so show the seats, carpets, trunk, dashboard and all the details you can capture. Answer as many potential questions as possible in advance.


To get the best possible price for your vehicle, you just need to put in some effort into the way you advertise it. Make sure your car is working properly and looking spotless, take as many photos as you can and write an honest ad, and you should have buyers in no time.

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