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Born On This Day

8th December


158 years ago

William Crapo Durant

Born on this day, William Crapo Durant, who created the system of multi-brand holding companies with different lines of cars; and the co-founder of General Motors with Frederic L. Smith, and of Chevrolet with Louis Chevrolet. He also founded Frigidaire.

William C Durant

William C Durant

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87 years ago

Claus Luthe

Born on this day, Claus Luthe, the celebrated German car designer, best known foe the second generation Chevrolet Corvair-inspired NSU Prinz, the NSU Wankel Spyder, and, in 1967, the revolutionary NSU Ro 80, which still stands today as a milestone in automotive design. The Volkswagen K70 was originally conceived by Luthe as the NSU K70, but came to the market after considerable delays with modifications to his original design. He was one of the first designers to embrace a digital approach to design, passing the designs from the design department to engineering in electronic format.

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83 years ago

Gordon Coppuck

Born on this day, Gordon Coppuck, British racing car designer who was chief designer for McLaren and later worked for March and co-founded Spirit.

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64 years ago

Paul Crooks

Born on this day, Paul Crooks, a former Formula One engineer who in 1993 was appointed Ligier's chief designer.

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44 years ago

Kevin Harvick

Born on this day, Kevin Harvick, an American NASCAR driver, the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion. Harvick is the former owner of Kevin Harvick Incorporated, a race team that ran in the Xfinity Series and the Camping World Truck Series between 2004 and 2011.

Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick

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