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Born On This Day

22nd September


165 years ago

Gustave Adolphe Clément-Bayard

Born on this day, Gustave Adolphe Clément-Bayard, French entrepreneur who went on to race and manufacture bicycles, pneumatic tyres, motorcycles, automobiles, aeroplanes and airships. In 1894 he was a passenger in the winning vehicle in the world's first competitive motor event. As a result of selling the manufacturing rights to the "Clément" car, he changed his name to Clément-Bayard five years after the successful launch of the Clément-Bayard automobile brand.

Gustave Adolphe Clément-Bayard

Gustave Adolphe Clément-Bayard

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124 years ago

Henry Segrave

Born on this day, Henry Segrave, the first person to hold both the land and water speed records simultaneously. He was also the first person to travel at over 200 mph (320 km/h) in a land vehicle. The Segrave Trophy was established in 1930 to commemorate his life.

Henry Segrave

Henry Segrave

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99 years ago

Ian Raby

Born on this day, Ian Raby, British racing driver who participated in 7 World Championship Formula One Grands Prix, debuting on July 20, 1963 in the British Grand Prix, where he retired on Lap 60. He scored no championship points

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92 years ago

Eric Broadley

Born on this day, Eric Broadley, British entrepreneur, engineer, and founder and former chief designer of Lola Cars, the motor racing manufacturer and engineering company. He is arguably one of the most influential automobile designers of the post-war period, and over the years Lola has had a hand in many high-profile projects in Formula One, IndyCar, and sports car racing. Broadley sold Lola to Martin Birrane in 1999.

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76 years ago

Richard Robarts

Born on this day, Richard Robarts, British former racing driver from England. He participated in 4 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on 13 January 1974. He scored no championship points.

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66 years ago

Randy Lanier

Born on this day, Randy Lanier, former race car driver and convicted drug trafficker from the United States of America. He is notable for winning the 1984 IMSA Camel GT title as a wholly independent team, despite facing up to well funded and supported oppositions and the team's questionable source of income. In 1988 he received a life without parole prison sentence for running a multi0million dollar drugs empire.

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62 years ago

Franco Forini

Born on this day, Franco Forini, former racing driver from Switzerland who competed in the Italian Formula Three Championship between 1981 and 1985, winning the title in his final year in a Dallara-Volkswagen with future Formula One team Forti Corse, and finishing as runner up in the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 3 support race in the same year.

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53 years ago

Rickard Rydell

Born on this day, Rickard Rydell, Swedish racing driver, who won the 1998 British Touring Car Championship, the 2011 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, and has also been a frontrunner in the European/World Touring Car Championship.

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