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Motoring Firsts

A random selection of firsts from the world of motoring.

Motor Sports Club

The first motor sports club, the Automobile Club du France, was formed in 1895 out of the committee which had organised the Paris – Bordeaux – Paris Race.

Touring Caravan (Britain)

The first commercial touring caravan emerged a year after World War I with the Eccles car-pulled caravan. Founded by Bill Riley and his son, Eccles Motor Transport essentially gave birth to modern British caravanning. Their first model was priced at £90 – a lot of money at the time.

200 mph Production Car

The first road legal production car to hit 200mph was the Ferrari F40. Although the Dodge Charger Daytona and Ford GT-40 which were around earlier could reach 200mph, neither of them were the same as their production car versions. They were race modified and therefore not counted as production car records.

First Turbocharged Production Car

General Motors manufactured the first turbocharged production cars in 1962 with the Turbo Jetfireengine used in the Oldsmobile Jetfire (a modified version of the turbocharger setup was also used in the Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder released a month later). A Garrett AiResearch turbocharger with integral wastegate was used. Power was significantly increased over the naturally aspirated (non-turbo) engine, however, reliability of these engines was poor and the production of the engine stopped in 1963.

Grand Prix

The first race to carry the title Grand Prix was run ay Pau in February 1901, and was won by Maurice Framan in a Panhard at an average speed of 46.1 mph.