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Motoring Firsts

A random selection of firsts from the world of motoring.

Radial Tyres

The first successful radial-ply tyre was the Michelin “X”, marketed in 1853.

US Presidential Car

The first car specially built for presidential use was the 1939 Lincoln V12 convertible called the "Sunshine Special", used by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The limousine was originally equipped with a siren, running lights, a 2-way radio, extra-wide running boards, and grab handles for Secret Service agents.

Windscreen Washer

The first windscreen washer offered for automobiles was in 1936, as an aftermarket option to be installed on cars after they were bought.

Double Mini-Roundabout (UK)

The first double mini-roundabout in Britain was installed at Upton Cross in Dorset in June 1970.

Motor Sports Club

The first motor sports club, the Automobile Club du France, was formed in 1895 out of the committee which had organised the Paris – Bordeaux – Paris Race.