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Motoring Firsts

A random selection of firsts from the world of motoring.

Run Flat Tyre

In 1934, Michelin introduced a run flat tyre that was based on technology developed for local commuter trains and trolleys. It had a safety rim inside the tyre which if punctured would run on a special foam lining. The tyre was sold for military use and for specialised vehicles like bank armoured cars. It was advertised as "semi-bullet proof". While the tyre performed as advertised it was far too expensive to be a feasible option for private automobile users.

Drive-thru Restaurant

The first drive-thru restaurant was created in 1947 by Sheldon "Red" Chaney, operator of Red's Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri. Located on the famous Route 66, the restaurant served customers until its closure in 1984.

First British Designed Four-Wheeled Petrol Car

The Lanchester was the first British designed four-wheeled petrol car. Designed by Frederick Lanchester and built, with his brother George’s help, in Birmingham, in 1895, it was the first ever to be designed from first principles as a complete mechanical entity rather than as a assemblage of odds and ends. The first production-model Lancaster appeared in 1900.

Grand Prix

The first race to carry the title Grand Prix was run ay Pau in February 1901, and was won by Maurice Framan in a Panhard at an average speed of 46.1 mph.

Bus Lane (World)

According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the National Transit Database (NTD), the world's first designated bus lane was created in Chicago in 1940.