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Motoring Firsts

A random selection of firsts from the world of motoring.

Veteran Car Auction

Southern Counties Car Auction staged the world’s first veteran and vintage car auction at the Montague Motor Museum in Beaulieu. On this occasion an open 1923 20 hp Rolls Royce made only £170 ($470)!

Turkish Car

The Ford-engined Otosan Anadol of 1966, designed by Reliant of Tamworth, was the first Turkish private car.

Car Heaters

The first heaters specifically designed for cars appeared in the after-market around 1907 and used a vehicle's exhaust for warmth.Typically installed by plumbers, they'd use pipes to route exhaust gas through the car's cabin to give off heat. But these systems often leaked, smelled bad and even caused some asphyxiation deaths. The earliest modern heating system appeared on some 1933 Fords. Using a heat exchanger, they safely transferred warmth from the car's exhaust to fresh air that came out of a dashboard vent.

Double Mini-Roundabout (UK)

The first double mini-roundabout in Britain was installed at Upton Cross in Dorset in June 1970.

200 mph Production Car

The first road legal production car to hit 200mph was the Ferrari F40. Although the Dodge Charger Daytona and Ford GT-40 which were around earlier could reach 200mph, neither of them were the same as their production car versions. They were race modified and therefore not counted as production car records.