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Roads & Motorways

A random selection of interesting facts about the roads and motorways of the world.

Scotland's Longest Motorway

The longest Motorway wholly in Scotland is the M8 at 61 miles, with the M9 coming second at 51 miles.

First British Tarmac Road

The first British road ever to be surfaced with tarmac was Radcliffe Road in Nottingham in 1902.

Narrowest Motorway in Britain

The A601(M), a 500m long connection between junction 35 on the M6, and the B6254 near Over Kellet (The "Carnforth Quarry Link Road") consists only of a single 7.3m carriageway and two 1m wide strips. Its overall width is about 50 feet (15m). The M6 originally terminated on the A6 north of Carnforth. When it was extended northwards, the link through to the A6, which was of course built to motorway standard, was effectively "cut off", and this was redesignated the A601(M). The roundabout which connected the two motorways was automatically a "special road" by virtue of the fact that only motorway traffic could get to it. When the "Quarry link" was added, this provided a direct connection to a motorway, and in order to prohibit non-motorway traffic from using it, it had to be designated as a motorway itself. It therefore also became the A601(M). The route numbering is illogical, because the A601 is, in fact, the Derby Ring Road.

Motorway Delays

About a quarter of delays on Britain's motorway network are caused by accidents and 10 per cent by roadworks. The remainder is due to the volume of traffic.

Longest Road Bridge in Britain

The country’s longest bridge carries the A92 for 1.4 miles across the Firth of Tay. The Tay Road Bridge is a box girder construction designed by William Fairhurst that opened in 1966.