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Roads & Motorways

A random selection of interesting facts about the roads and motorways of the world.

First Motorway Service Area in Britain

The first to be opened was the Watford Gap Service area on the same day as the M1 - 2nd November 1959. It was operated by Blue Boar, but did not offer full catering facilities until September 1960. The second M1 Service area, at Newport Pagnell, opened in August 1960 and was operated by Motorway Services Ltd. In 1963, a further five Service areas were opened, Keele, Charnock Richard and Knutsford (all on the M6), Farthing Corner (M2) and Strensham (M5).

Widest Road in the World by Lane Number

Katy Freeway (part of Interstate 10) in Houston, Texas, has a total of 26 lanes in some sections - 12 main lanes, 8 lanes of access roads, and 4-6 mid-freeway HOT/HOV lanes, not counting access road turning lanes.

Longest Ring Road in Britain

No prizes for guessing the longest ring road in Britain. It’s London’s orbital, the M25. A lap lasts for 121.5 miles and can take days in rush-hour traffic!

Longest Road Bridge in Britain

The country’s longest bridge carries the A92 for 1.4 miles across the Firth of Tay. The Tay Road Bridge is a box girder construction designed by William Fairhurst that opened in 1966.

Shortest A-Road (Britain)

At only 120 metres, one of the shortest A-roads is the A962 in Kirkwall, Northern Ireland. The A3125 in London and the A5016 in Ridley are also contenders for the shortest A-road, both measuring just 160 metres.