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Roads & Motorways

A random selection of interesting facts about the roads and motorways of the world.

Longest Street in the World

The longest street in the world is Young Street in the Canadian city of Toronto, its length is 1,896 kilometres. This quirky street starts in the city center, on the waterfront of Lake Ontario, and, as if cutting the city into two parts, goes to the north, skirting the Lake Simcoe to the town of Cochrane. From there, the street, slowly twisting, turns west and ends near the border with the State of Minnesota.

First Motorway Service Area in Britain

The first to be opened was the Watford Gap Service area on the same day as the M1 - 2nd November 1959. It was operated by Blue Boar, but did not offer full catering facilities until September 1960. The second M1 Service area, at Newport Pagnell, opened in August 1960 and was operated by Motorway Services Ltd. In 1963, a further five Service areas were opened, Keele, Charnock Richard and Knutsford (all on the M6), Farthing Corner (M2) and Strensham (M5).

Highest Motorway in Britain

The M62 is the highest motorway in the UK, reaching 1,220 feet (372m near to the boundary between Lancashire and Yorkshire close to the Pennine Way footbridge. The M6, passing over Shap, in Cumbria, reaches 1,040 feet (317m) and is probably the second highest motorway, although the M74 at Beattock is thought to be at a very similar height.

Widest Street in the World

July 9th Street in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is the widest street in the world. It has six lanes in both directions and takes up an entire block in width. This street hosts many well-known buildings such as the building of the Ministry of Communications, Embassy of France, the statue of Don Quixote, and other monuments, including the Republic Square.

Motorway illuminations

There are 10,606 lights, 2,959 illuminated signs and 2,000 variable message signs along Britain's motorway system.