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Roads & Motorways

A random selection of interesting facts about the roads and motorways of the world.

Interstate Highways

Besides being designed to support automobile and heavy truck traffic, interstate highways are also designed for use in military and civil defence operations within the United States, particularly troop movements.

Longest Four-Digit A-Road in Britain

The A1101 is the longest 4 digit A-road in Britain at 53.4 miles from Long Sutton to Bury St Edmund. Although its length suggests its importance, most of the road is not a primary route due to its numerous twists and turns.

Motoring Incidents (UK)

430,000 incidents occur on UK motorways and A-roads every year.

Longest Three-Digit A-Road in Britain

At 195 miles, running from Ilfracombe to Kilsby, the A361 is the longest 3-digit A-road in Britain

Widest Road in the World by Lane Number

Katy Freeway (part of Interstate 10) in Houston, Texas, has a total of 26 lanes in some sections - 12 main lanes, 8 lanes of access roads, and 4-6 mid-freeway HOT/HOV lanes, not counting access road turning lanes.