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Roads & Motorways

A random selection of interesting facts about the roads and motorways of the world.

Longest Ring Road in Britain

No prizes for guessing the longest ring road in Britain. It’s London’s orbital, the M25. A lap lasts for 121.5 miles and can take days in rush-hour traffic!

Interstate Highways

President Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 on June 29, 1956 in a hospital room (he was recovering from illness). The signed act created today's US interstate highway system.

US Interstate Daily Traffic

US interstates carry about 60,000 people per route-mile a day, 26 times the amount of all other roads, and 22 times the amount of rail passenger services.

Two-digit US Interstate Highways

Two-digit US interstate highways are numbered according to direction and location. Highways running north-south are odd numbered, while highways running east-west are even numbered. The lowest numbers are in the west and in the south.

Steepest Drivable Road in Britain

Not one to attempt in the snow, the steepest drivable road in Britain is Chimney Bank on the Hutton-Le-Hole road on the North York Moors. It has a 1:3 gradient, which will put any car to the test.