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Launch Year


Alfa Romeo 8C

Austin 12/6

Cadillac V-12

Chevrolet Series AE Independence


Fiat 515

Fiat 522

Fiat 524

Goliath Pioneer

Hillman Wizard

Hispano-Suiza J12

Hudson Greater Eight

Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8B

Lanchester Eighteen 15/18

M1 Armored Car

MG C-type

MG D-type

MG F-type

NSB Class 62

Opel 1.2 litre

Renault Primaquatre

Scania-Vabis 335

Southern Cross (automobile)

Standard Little Nine


Tatra 54

Tatra 70

Tatra 80

Tatra V570

Volvo LV66-series