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Adler Diplomat

Adler Trumpf Junior

Alfa Romeo 6C

Amilcar Pégase

Berliet Dauphine 11CV

BSA Light Six

Bugatti Type 57

Chevrolet Master

Citroën Traction Avant

Daimler Straight-Eight engines


Fiat 527

Ford Model C (Europe)

Lagonda Rapier

Leyland Armoured Car

Mercedes-Benz 500K

MG N-type

MG P-type

MG Q-type

NSB Class 64

Opel 1.3 litre

Opel 2.0 litre

Peugeot 401

Peugeot 601

Renault Celtaquatre

Renault Viva Grand Sport

Riley MPH

Škoda Popular

Tatra 77

Triumph Dolomite (1934–40

Volvo LV76-series