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Launch Year


Adler 2 Liter

Alfa Romeo 6C

Alvis 12/70

Audi 920

BMW 321

Cadillac Sixty Special

Fiat 2800

Ford 7Y

Ford E83W

Ford Prefect


H.R.G. Airline Coupe

Humber Super Snipe

International Harvester Metro Van

Matchless Silver Streak

Mercedes-Benz 320A


NSB Class 86

Opel Kapitän

Peugeot 202

Renault Novaquatre

Simca 8

Standard Eight

Sunbeam-Talbot 2 Litre

Sunbeam-Talbot Ten

Toyota EA

Toyota EB

Toyota GB

Volkswagen Beetle

Volvo PV800 Series

Volvo Sharpnose

Wolseley 14/60

Wolseley 18/85 (1938 to 1948)