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Saturday 21st May 1927

93 years ago

Motor racing started at the Crystal Palace park when a motorcycle race was held over a mile-long course there. A crowd of over 10,000 turned out in glorious weather to watch seven solo and three sidecar events over a one mile circuit. The two main races were the Crystal Palace solo Grand Prix, won by L. Bellamy (344 Coventry Eagle) in 22 min. 8.0 secs., and the Crystal Palace sidecar Grand Prix, won by G. A. Norchi (344 Coventry Eagle) in 22 min. 12.4 secs., each over 10 laps. At the end of the day it turned out that the sidecar race record was 6.6 secs. faster than the solo record. F. E. Parnacott (348 AJS) put up the fastest lap of the day in 2 min. 7.4 secs. At a blistering speed of 28.2 mph.Motor cycle sport in those days was obviously less hectic than today. The report of the meeting in 'Motor Cycle' relates '...... P. R. Bradbrook (490 Coventry Eagle sidecar) realising that there was nobody to dispute second place with him and that he had no chance of winning unless Norchi blew up, lit a cigarette and took matters easy. Norchi did not blow up. Another report notes that Gus Kuhn's cigarette blew out and that he did not bother to relight it until the end of the race. A speedway track followed and was in use between 1928 and 1934. In 1935 plans were made for building a 2-mile Grand Prix track, but they were scuppered when the Crystal Palace itself was destroyed by fire the following year.