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Thursday 16th May 2013

6 years ago

Short track racing great Richard “Dick” Trickle took his own life. Trickle is estimated to have raced in more than 2,220 races, logging more than a million laps while becoming a fan favorite, especially in his home state of Wisconsin. He is regularly billed as the most winning racer in short track history. His accomplishments include 67 wins in 1972, winning seven ARTGO Championships between 1979 to 1987, back to back ASA AC-Delco Challenge championships in 1984 and ‘85, 1968 USAC Stock Car rookie of the year, and 1989 NASCAR Rookie of the Year. While Trickle didn’t have much success in NASCAR he was feared in the short track circuit. NASCAR racer Rusty Wallace competed against Trickle on several levels and following his death stated that Trickle was his mentor. Trickle apparently shot himself while visiting the grave of his granddaughter. He called 911 prior to doing so to inform them where a body could be found. His family later released a statement saying that he had been battling chronic pain for quite some time and no doctor could source it. While it was hard for the family to accept the death they took comfort knowing he was pain free and could rest easy with his angel - his granddaughter who had died in a car wreck.

Dick Trickle

Dick Trickle