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Friday 23rd February 1906

115 years ago

The Aerocar Motor Company of Detroit, Michigan, US registered its 'Aerocar' logo, but the firm failed in 1908 and its factory was taken over by Hudson. Backed by Henry Ford's former partner, coal merchant Alexander Malcomson, the short-lived company offered an air-cooled 24 hp (18 kW) four-cylinder luxury car which sold for $2800. It was powered by a Reeves 24-horsepower, four-cylinder, air-cooled engine. It came with a "Standard Extension Black Top" and two gas headlights as well as "Full Oil Lamp Equipment." The automobile had a Prest-o-Lite tank, Hartford shock absorbers, Gabriel horn and a speedometer. It also came with an extra tire and inner tube in a waterproof case with attaching irons, robe-rail and a footrest in Tonneau. A toolbox with full equipment was attached to the exterior running board.

The Aerocar Company - Detroit, Michigan - 1906

The Aerocar Company - Detroit, Michigan - 1906