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On This Day

Thursday 8th November 1956

62 years ago

The Ford Motor Company decided on the name "Edsel" for a new model, designed by Roy Brown, who had been instructed to create an automobile that was highly recognisable, and from every angle different than anything else on the road. In the autumn of 1957, with great fanfare, the 1958 Edsel was introduced to the public. With its horse collar grill in the front and its regressed side-panels in the rear, the Edsel indeed looked like nothing else on the road. However, despite its appearance, the Ford Edsel was a high-tech affair, featuring state-of-the-art innovations such as the "Tele-Touch" push-button automatic transmission. Nevertheless, buyer appeal was low, and the Ford Edsel earned just a 1.5% share of the market in 1958. After two more years, the Edsel marque was abandoned, and its name would forever be synonymous with business failure.