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On This Day

Saturday 11th July 1970

49 years ago

Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire held its first International meeting with "the top Swedish dragster and funny car in attendance". These were Hazze Fromms "Roaring Viking" Capri Funny and the "Valkyrion" dragster of Bjorn Anderson. The meeting was run as two separate eliminations, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. It appears that the main event was the Sunday elimination as many cars did not run on the Saturday. Priddle won Saturdays Top Dragster elimination but crashed through some marker boards after getting some oil on his goggles. This wrecked the front end so he was unable to run on the Sunday. To make matters worse he had earlier borrowed the front wheels from John Siggery after a puncture. This meant that John would also have been unable to run on the Sunday until Alan Blount nipped home to Kettering and lent him the wheels from his part built new car.

Santa Pod Raceway

Santa Pod Raceway