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On This Day

Sunday 22nd October 1967

54 years ago

The first British 8-second run (official record session) took place at Elvington, Yorkshire at the International Sprint Organisation Records Weekend.Tony Densham in the Commuter recorded runs of 9.418, 9.158, 9.219, 8.811 and 9.08 in the standing quarter mile record attempts. The final two runs bracketed together resulted in a time of 8.915 seconds, well inside Alan Allards previous record of 9.37. He also took the standing 500 metre record which previously stood at 12.66, with a two way average of 11.20. In the flying quarter mile attempts Patsy Burt took her 4.5 litre Oldsmobile powered McClaren to an average of 6.128. Alf Hagon made history with the first Motorcycle record in the nines on his monster JAP. Alf was a big hit with the spectators with his trademark slick spinning and smoking up the strip. Even the International Steward stood at the line with a look of stunned disbelief after Alfs first departure. The time was 10.050. On the return run he recorded a time of 9.859 for an average of 9.9545. He is then reported to have put the bike up on its stands, climbed into his van and gone to sleep.