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On This Day

Sunday 26th March 1972

48 years ago

The UK's last trolleybus system, in Bradford, closed. The last trolley bus left the city centre, heading for Thornton and full of enthusiasts for this mode of transport that had been pioneered in the city. Bradford had enjoyed a long and enduring love affair with the trolley bus and was the last authority to get rid of them. The electric buses were ahead of their time, conservationally speaking, and were clean and quiet, accelerating up Bradford’s many hills with speed and efficiency.But they were hostage to the power supply at the time, and if there was a power cut – as there often were – then they ground to a halt.The first trolley bus had made its debut in the city on the Laisterdyke to Dudley Hill run in 1911. Trams, which ran on tracks, had been popular for some time previously, but the trolley bus had the advantage of running on pneumatic tyres and were much more comfortable. Bradford became famous for its trolley buses, and when they celebrated their 60th anniversary in 1971 enthusiasts from all over Bradford flocked to the city to admire the vehicles.But a year later, the trolley bus had had its day. The Council decided to switch to motor buses, which many thought a mistake because Bradford’s hills were especially suited to this grand old mode of transport. And Bradford Council didn’t just run the buses – it also designed and built them, meaning there was a huge industry right here in the district, with buses being built at the Thornbury Works.

Bradford's last trolley bus pictured at Thornton before fascinated onlookers

Bradford's last trolley bus pictured at Thornton before fascinated onlookers