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Saturday 14th August 2010

9 years ago

The massive recurring China National Highway 110 traffic jam began to form, mostly on China National Highway 110 (G110) and Beijing–Tibet expressway (G6), in Beijing, Hebei and Inner Mongolia. The traffic jam slowed down thousands of vehicles for more than 100 kilometres (60 miles) and lasted for more than ten days. Many drivers were able to move their vehicles only 1 km (0.6 mile) per day, and some drivers reported being stuck in the traffic jam for five days. Locals near the highway sold various goods like water, instant noodles, and cigarettes at inflated prices to the stranded drivers. A bottle of water normally cost 1 yuan, but on the highway it was sold for 10 yuan. Drivers also complained that the price of instant noodles had more than tripled.[12] Some vendors created mobile stores on bicycles. Authorities tried to speed up traffic by allowing more trucks to enter Beijing, especially at night. They also asked trucking companies to suspend operations or take alternative routes. By late August 2010, the traffic jam largely dissipated, reportedly due to the efforts of authorities. Between Beijing and Inner Mongolia, only minor traffic slowdowns were reported near toll booths.

China National Highway 110 traffic jam

China National Highway 110 traffic jam