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Motoring Trivia

A random selection of interesting trivia from the world of motoring.

The fastest American car in 1987 was the 245 hp turbocharged Buick GNX. Based on the Regal Grand National, it was much quicker than the Corvette. Chevrolet was not amused, and the GNX was cancelled with only 547 cars produced.

Henry Ford fitted laminated safety glass windscreens to the Model T Ford.

In Tokyo, a bicycle is faster than a car for most trips of less than 50 minutes!

There are over 27 million private cars in Great Britain. These account for 83% of the 34.5 million licensed vehicles in Britain.

William Grover-Williams, winner of the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929, worked for the Secret Operations Executive in World War Two. He was captured by the Nazis and is believed to have been executed in 1945.